About Us


    • NetPaths.net was founded to bridge the digital divide between internet users and e-business owners.
    • We deploy business solutions quickly to ensure a good ROI and maximize market share.
    • We are professionals in our field who have dedicated our careers to untangling the web, and explain it clearly to our clients.
    • Lead by founder Cayley Vos, we are experts in creating search engine friendly websites that are easy for users to navigate.
    • If we can't get your job done, we have a network of business professionals who can assist.


    • Communication with our clients is the most important part of our business.
    • Fun is always part of the work equation. If a project is dull or uninteresting, it means something is amiss, and needs rectifying.


    • We strive to provide affordable effective solutions.
    • NetPaths.net will yield to the lowest bidder when it is not possible to extend the level of service promised for the price needed to win the business. To always offer the best product at a competitive price.


    • Place a higher value on integrity than the dollar. To conduct business in such a manner that apologies will never be required.


    • Offer the best product for the lowest price in the fastest time. NetPaths.net does not sacrifice quality to offer a lower price, to always maintain quality as the foremost part or our services.


    • Always provide services in a timely manner. To guarantee ample notice to prevent time conflicts that might prevent us from meeting our deadlines or those of our client.


      119 Standard St.
      El Segundo, CA 90245
      (310) 372-3086
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