Differentiate Your Business

Too much of a good thing is not so good. You have hundred of direct competitors in the search engines, how do you get someone to buy when there are so many other choices available? In a free flowing market it is death to cotinually lower prices. Focus on customer needs, and look for holes in the market that need to be filled. This will sap your business of all its value and turn your hard work into a non paying hobby.

A few things you can do to boost sales:

  • Acquire ratings or commendations from well-known associations & organizations
  • Increase your inventory stock
  • Offer free shipping
  • Raise your prices & provide value added services
  • Apply for a patent & industry awards
  • Create a customer-loyalty program
  • Reduce the number of services offered - become a specialist and trusted reresentative in your field
  • Conduct an online survey of your visitors - you'd be surprised at how candid customers are and how little you may know about their needs.
  • Contact existing customers and get feedback on your product/service offerings.
  • Post comments & testimonials online, even negative ones. People are looking for honesty & integrity - if you show a complaint, and the steps you took to remedy that complaint it will be a huge boost for your reputation. Shoppers unconsciously understand things do not always work perfectly 100%. Posting negative comments and the solutions from customer support will help dispel the fear of a potential buyer.