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Basic Steps for Search Engine Ranking

By Cayley Vos, President and CEO,

Simple Methods to Drive Website Traffic - Getting a better ranking in the major search engines is not technically difficult, it is just a lot of work. At the most basic level, your website needs links and text. Incoming links from similar websites, and lots of good quality content. You can do it yourself and achieve better placement.

First you need to get links to your website. Not just any links, links that are from quality websites that are in your general business area. It is only worth getting sites to link to you that would be logical from a visitors' perspective. Links from gambling and pharmecutical sites or are no good.

For a real estate appraiser, you will want to get links from other appraisers outside your area, local chamber of commerce, appraisal directories, national appraisal organizations, realtors, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, etc.

Now that we have relevance, we need quality. The more authoritative the website, the bigger boost it will give you. A link from the national association of appraisers is much better than a link from joe appraiser on main st.

Links are be acquired by asking, and through hard work. The most common way to get links to your site is through link exchanges, providing mutual benefit.

There is no magic number of links, but its generally good to have 25 or more quality websites linking to you.

The next step is lots of quality content. A website should have 20 or more pages of useful, well written text that is directly relevant to your business.

Examples of extra pages you can add: glossary of terms, definitions of industry practices, blog, FAQ, news, tools of the trade, community information, etc.

For one appraiser in San Francisco I created 10 content pages of approximately 500 words for each area they serve. Each page described the demographics, history, real estate values and general information for the specific area.

Note that you will likely realize 80% or more of online traffic from Google, so focusing on this search engine brings the greatest benefits. Also keep in mind that this is a very time intensive process. New websites can take a year or more to attain a decent Google ranking. A good strategy in the interim is to use the very valuable Google Adwords pay per click advertising. A well crafted adwords campaign can drive a good amount of targeted visitors at a lower cost than print advertising.

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