Secrets of Being Successful in Business

There are a lot of misconceptions about extremely successful people. Its assumed they are different by being are super-smart, born rich, went to the right schools, or just plain lucky. Successful people are not different, just hard working, risk taking, and life long learners. These traits are not inborn they are developed and nurtured. It requires motivation, desire and willingness to change.

Attitudes that can help people become successful:

  1. Competition can be motivating. Many people use competition as an excuse for not doing well. Those who really want to win see the competition as an opportunity.

  2. Learn to deal with your fears. Fear is one of the greatest deterrents to take risks. People worry so much about failing that their fear paralyzes them and puts imaginary difficulties in their paths. One of the best ways to over come fear is simply to do the things you fear the most, so that it no longer controls you.

  3. The ability to take a risk moves you off the beaten path and can set you apart. Successful people are willing to take risks. However, make sure you carefully plan and understand that both positive and negative results of those actions.
  4. Complacency and inertia keep most people from realizing their dreams. Use your inner strength to make positive changes.
  5. Don't do it all on one day. Building a successful business takes years and is done in steps. Create reasonable goals and stick to them. Make sure you put your goals in writing and tell someone else, to make the goals tangible.

If you want to succeed at your goals ask yourself these questions:

What is your timetable?

Are you really committed?

Do you have too many negative influences around you?

Will you actively pursue your goals?

Are you willing to fail?

Excerpt from a popular business magazine

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