How To Write Powerful Marketing Copy

You can double or triple the number of new leads and customers you generate each month - without increasing your marketing budget. Rewriting the text on your website will help end users feel more comfortable, and will improve your search engine ranking.

You don't have to spend more money to get a better response. The secret is balancing the right combination of benefits and features in your marketing copy. Here are the keys to writing marketing communications that will make your site sell.

Writing Website Marketing Copy

In order to maximize sales and conversion, these are the essential elements you must have in your online marketing communications:

State Your Proposition
State a proposition that is prospect-centered. It is all about your customer - and people like nothing more than to read about themselves or something that they can directly relate to.

Focus on Customer Benefits
Only twenty percent of people go beyond your headline to read your whole page. Headlines and bullet points to provide visual cues to text layout.

Your customers are far more interested in reading about thrir needs rather than your company. People best like reading about themselves and getting things for free.

Offer Multiple Selling Points
Think of your product or service from your customers perspective. Your selling points should reflect their needs, and not just glorify your company. People respond to what matters to them most. Solve your customers problems and they will be loyal for life.

Describe Your Product
Give consumers all the information needed to make an informed decision. Tell them everything they need to know. Having lots of descriptive content is also beneficial for search engines, as there is more information for search engines to rank you with. The more text on your site the more weight you will have in the final placement algorighms.

Create a Call to Action
This is the key to your website and business, where your return on investment is tested. The customer must either purchase something, contact you by phone, e-mail, submit an online registration, tell a friend or signup for a newsletter.

Summarize your main sales points and compel your prospect to act now. Offer a tangible benefit such as a money back guarantee to reduce their risk. Most roadblocks and pitfalls in the sales process are risks (real or perceived) by customers who are hesitant to try your product or service.

Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
It is guaranteed that someone else sells the exact same product or service you do, perhaps for a lower price. You need to give them the reasons to go with you and persuade the prospect to try your offering. There is a compelling reason to use you - convey this and you will win the sale. Convince the buyer that cost is not the determining factor, but offer service, quality, and lasting value.