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Finding a great domain name is hard, we compiled a list of websites that help you find the perfect domain name. We generally recommend not using hyphens in domain names, instead use different extensions or nonstandard spellings. For example, see sites like flippa, wordze, woothemes, and many other quality websites that have bizzare domain names.

Here is a list of 75 great resources to help you in your quest of finding the perfect domain name for your new project.

Domain Name Generators

Search by Keyword

Type To Find

Brand Name Generator

Search by Availability

Domain Name Forums

Domain Auctions


* Sites require a membership or payment

Did we miss any? Feel free to add your favorite domain name research websites in the comments.

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28 Responses to “75 Domain Name Research Tools”

  1. Sladick Says:

    I like the way you have laid out all the different domain name research tools. Giallopastello Web Marketing desperately needs strategies to increase revenue.

  2. leanany place Says:

    Don’t know mush about domaining but glad I did find out more about it. I agree 100% that buying domain names is a top business of the next decade.

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    Don’t know much about domaining but glad I did find out more about the value of domain names. I agree 100% that buying domain names is a top business of the next decade.

  4. Denise McCallum Says:

    Thanks for your investigations and for sharing these domaining tools.

  5. Keira Loosen Says:

    Rock you, get some premium domain names and get online marketing going.

  6. Jamison Cotler Says:

    Awesome post about domain name research tools. It is tempting to buy some names.

  7. Hanninen Says:

    i was searching yahoo for domain name research tools and I love this list.

  8. jeff Says:

    Great website cool domain name article its outstanding, I would like to submit a post for domain name trading.

  9. Kate Hutchinson Says:

    Thanks for listing UD.com! If you have any suggestions for how we can improve this tool, email me at kh AT ud DOT com.

  10. Lavern Taggert Says:

    In case you wish to give yourself the greatest chance of finding probably the most lucrative keywords and phrases then Market Samurai is usually a ought to have.

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    Looking at any kind of WooTheme you can’t help however notice exactly how incredibly designed these types of themes tend to be. Not tend to be WooThemes aesthetically revitalizing, but they are designed to provide great person interaction as well as keep up to modern website design trends.

  12. helene seoung Says:

    pretty neat list of domain names, but how will this help my online business?

  13. Karine Josten Says:

    Domain name blogs are a dime a dozen, which one has the most reliable information?

  14. Rosia Daniels Says:

    Best domain name list i have found in a while. We are from Oklahoma and no local people are domaining.

  15. ander Says:

    Here’s another domain name generator: Blungr.com

  16. ndm Grafals Says:

    These tools just may make me a domainer.

  17. Marcus Says:

    There’s a new domain name generator on http://www.dombuddy.com that comes with a free desktop domain name generator for Windows and Mac.

  18. donald Says:

    I was looking around to find a good rank checker, do you think this would be a good way to check backlinks on expired domain names or do you have a better way?

  19. Tauno Says:

    MakeWords.com has been renamed to http://www.namestation.com . It now has even faster search and more features for finding available domains!

  20. Ning Zhu Says:

    There is a new domain name search service, DomainUni.com, utilizing regular expression and semantic analysis.

  21. Ricky Says:

    Good to see comments about domain names.

  22. Dally Tulaire Says:

    Very interesting post about domain names. Certainly a lot of good points about how to choose a good name.

  23. James Ferguson Says:

    Nice listing of domain tools.

  24. Marvin Says:

    So many tools

    I’ll check it out!

  25. 1search Says:

    I just wanted to suggest my site 1search.org that can detect multiple keywords within domain names. Daily domain name drop lists 50,000+ in size are sorted via word count and length.

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  27. Yerty Says:

    I love this task of researhing domain names, we have made several 6 figure purchases that we have flipped for a 1000% profit.

  28. TA Min Says:

    Domaining was so last year, this is the year of direct selling through live webinars.

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