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This is post on why bloggers blog, and the effectiveness of their blogs. This post is directed at the Search Engine Optimization community but can be applied to all bloggers.

1. Is this blog unique? Does this blog provide any information that I cannot find anywhere else?
2. Is this blog original? Does it offer personal opinion instead of regurgitating or echoing views that other people share?
3. Is this blog essential? If I unsubscribed to this blog today, what would I lose out on?

I would add this: do you blog to make money or do you just love writing?

Its interesting to note that the blogging platform is an indication of the quality of the writing. WordPress has a history of quality writers, while up to 75% of all blogspot blogs are splogs.

Ahmed goes on to say:

The hard reality is that 90% of the time, the answer is no. It’s no because there’s nothing new there. It’s no because there’s nothing useful there.

I have to agree that this is correct, especially with so many blogspot splogs. Eve Lester has written a post titled “why I blog” which includes Meeting new people, Learning new things, Having History, and Someone to talk to.
Doggy follows up with “If you wouldn’t read your own blog, then no one else will either.”
Ahmed Bilal has more info.

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2 Responses to “Bloggers, Eat What You Cook and Write With Passion”

  1. eve Says:

    Thanks for the mention! And I had no idea that 75% are splogs, it is not surprising though!

  2. Pershy Blaine Says:

    And I had no idea that 75% are splogs, it is not surprising however they are loosing their effectiveness.

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