Pandora Founder Talks About Life in a Web Startup Business

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pandora music Video interview with Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora. Tim has built an extremely successful online startup and he discusses the story of how he came to start this revolutionary music company.

He is inspirational and bases most of his success on his never say die attitude.

Tim tells the story of flying back from New York City after pitching 10 different venture capitalists and returning with no money. He took a 2 flight trip via Southwest Airlines, which was the cheapest available. Read the rest of this entry »

Great Customer Service – Quality Is Free

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zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance In the book “Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert Pirsig a father tries to teach his son the basics of life, which also happens to coincide with the basics of business.

People who do more than the basics and actively listen and help people will succeed. Companies that do more than only what is required are rewarded with happier customers, more referrals and better profits.

A few pleasant surprises
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4 Ways to Seem Like an Online Marketing Genius Without Increasing Your Workload

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search marketing  diagram There’s two ways to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can either increase your workload or you can work smarter.

What would a marketing genius choose? They would choose the second option, as should you.

There’s four distinct ways that you can seem like a marketing genius without increasing the amount of work you do.
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Free Linkedin Premium Membership Coupon For Inmail Guaranteed Networking

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linkedin Linkedin is the only professional social network you need to belong to, and this free coupon gives you free access to Linkedin Premium which provides enhanced access to new contacts. This free Linkedin upgrade gives you access to the signature Inmail service which guarantees you a response from any contact. Use this discount code to use Linkedin Inmail to contact hard to reach gatekeepers and increase your social reach.

Receive a free month of linkedin premium here.

Use our special link to access special members only features and turbocharge your network building.

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The Content Authority Coupon Code and Article Discount Voucher

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The Content Authority coupon code valid through 2011 is WARRIORS which will give you a nice discount on any new article order.

This coupon code for TCA is good through 2011 and is a good baseline for any SEO or blogger looking to get a jumpstart on content generation, and increase their speed in generating new posts.

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Blog Talk Radio Show with Business Networking Director Lisa Bentson

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blog talk radio We are proud to be interviewed by Lisa Bentson’s Marketing Monday, which focuses on the latest tools and techniques to increase your business and improve your marketing. Listen now.
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E-Commerce Website Secrets That Increase Conversions

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Below is a fantastic infographic outlining methods e-commerce websites use to increase sales and improve buyer conversions. This graphic breaks down the sales process of a retail website into steps:

  1. Design – using creatives and images to build trust
  2. Buying Elements – make it easy to buy from you, remove purchasing obstacles
  3. Social Proof – using 3rd party verification to improve trust: testimonials, ratings, buyers guides
  4. Pricing – using a free trial to bring you in, free shipping, upsells
  5. Scarcity – using timers to show ending deals, showing the remaining items in stock, remaining seats on an airplane, remaining tickets to a show
  6. Follow Up – reminder emails with products you placed in your cart but did not purchase, ad retargeting showing products you looked at on other websites

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Tips To Help You Maximize Social Media Websites

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social media business Being successful with social media sites is not difficult, if you plan ahead and fully commit to using them regularly.

Here are some resources to help you better understand the social networking sites and how they can be a huge boost in targeted traffic.
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Tips For Getting A Job At An Internet Startup

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startup sign Want to be a part of a startup, but have a skillset that isn’t exactly steeped in technical development proficiency?

Here is a guide with tips on how to score a gig with a web startup. Whether you are a recent college graduates trying to decide whether or not to go to a big firm or looking for a small hot company. There are still some priceless nuggets of wisdom for you job-seekers of any age.
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Starting Salaries Of Top Technology Companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook

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roman salary was salt Here is information on the starting salaries of large technology companies. These tech salary ranges are based on informal observations and anecdotal evidence online.

These starting pay options are from people who have received full-time offers from the company in question, and these figures are approximate. They are for beginning programmer positions.

All companies are notorious for being incredibly secretive about employee pay and do not publish salary ranges. These pay scales were taken from interviews, online forums, job boards and salary aggregators.
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