The Complete Guide To Design Elements for Split Testing Ads

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 ad design cheat sheet

This infographic is a cheat sheet to show you what elements of your ad should be split tested.

Using variations of text, images, buttons and links you can find out which ads produce the best conversions.

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Top 10 Marketing Tactics For Online Lead Generation

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Through extensive marketplace research, we have identified the top 10 lead generation tactics for 2012, used by marketers each and every day.

See the top 10 lead generation methods in order of effectiveness

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The Golden Circle Shows You How Great Leaders Connect with Users

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I love this TED talk and invite you to watch it, it’s only about 20 min long. This shows you on how great leaders inspire action and what makes people buy your products.

The key points are don’t tell people your title, or your company’s title, tell them what you do. tell them what problems you solve and why you do it – what is the purpose of your organization.
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The Progression of Search Engine Optimization

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search Since the creation of search engines the ranking game has never failed to remain in flux. The internet is a change medium, and I expect this to occur for at least the next 10 years.

Henry Ford didn’t invent the car, but he figured out how to let everyone have access to one. When the automotive industry first blossomed in the early 20th century, many styles and manufacturers flourished and it wasn’t until the 1940’s and 50’s that industry consolidation occurred and several large manufacturers took over the car making business.
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Understanding Website Usability and Conversions

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design usability

There was a recorded 170 billion dollars in e-commerce sales. In this world of billion dollar e-commerce transactions, imagine the potential for improvement. Every single site can improve their conversion rates thorough an improved UI and usability optimization.  We’re 12 years into the 21st century,  finally companies have excepted the fact that every business needs website.
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Landing Page Optimization Tips To Guarantee Your Success

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tunnel-light.jpg The creation, organization and refining of landing pages is the key to pay per click marketing and online lead generation. Landing pages are audience specific, and an automotive site landing page that converts 10% of users cannot be copied to a campaign selling insurance.

Users respond differently based on the time of day, offer, price point, demographic, education level, style preferences and past experience with your brand. Thankfully we can test and design for most of these variables.
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How To Increase Conversion Rates & Have Breakout Sales

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conversion arrows Here is a technique for increasing conversion rates using data you already have.  Its not a question of installing 50 statistics programs to measure every action taken by a web visitor, its finessing your site pages to make them appeal to your specific user needs.

If this is your situation:

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The Importance of Website Validation and Conversion Testing

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When you launch a website, it is important that a variety of things are set up, including search engine optimization and link verification. However, when a website is updated or changed it is important to make sure that everything is still working as it should be.

Websites filled with links that go to nowhere or pages that are not indexed by search engines will harm your business and reputation. To ensure that a website runs smoothly, whenever an update is made, it should be viewed by a real person and tested with an online tool.

Here are five free online tools to run these tests and validate your website.
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How To Create a Custom Single Page Sales Letter

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A single page sales letter can create huge sales for your product, and has the ability to transform your business.

We have written a sample sales letter for a fictitious online product and dissected the copy structure from beginning to end.

This uses a simple outline that many internet marketers use to sell prouducts, feel free to swipe this and modify it for your own products.

Anatomy of a Single Page Sales Letter

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E-Commerce Website Secrets That Increase Conversions

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Below is a fantastic infographic outlining methods e-commerce websites use to increase sales and improve buyer conversions. This graphic breaks down the sales process of a retail website into steps:

  1. Design – using creatives and images to build trust
  2. Buying Elements – make it easy to buy from you, remove purchasing obstacles
  3. Social Proof – using 3rd party verification to improve trust: testimonials, ratings, buyers guides
  4. Pricing – using a free trial to bring you in, free shipping, upsells
  5. Scarcity – using timers to show ending deals, showing the remaining items in stock, remaining seats on an airplane, remaining tickets to a show
  6. Follow Up – reminder emails with products you placed in your cart but did not purchase, ad retargeting showing products you looked at on other websites

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