7 Must Follow SEO Tips For Quickly Building Links

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link building flowchart We have created a list of seven ways to get links that will drive new traffic and search engines will love. Persuading other websites to link to you is easier with a solid plan and consistent dedication to the task. The link building flowchart on the left outlines the process of building links.

7 Link Building Tips
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Link Tools To Help Build Backlinks

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  • OpenSiteExplorer from SEOmoz – SEOmoz ofers a fantastic backlink checking tool that scrapes the web to find links. Currently they have billions of links in their indes
  • Shoemoney Tools – This is a surprisingly helpful tool that spiders google to find your top 10 competitors and who their main links are from. It also allows you to print out a user friendly report to send to clients.
  • www.webuildpages.com/seo-tools/ – Analyzes the deep link ratio for the top 10 search engine results for a search phrase. DLR is the proportion of inbound links into all pages of your site, not only inbound links pointed at your homepage.
  • Advancedlinkmanager.com – Performs deep crawl analysis of links for any site by crawling all linking sites and providing analysis of links by domain and gains/losses over time as well as PageRank. Also, fully manages extensive reciprocal linking through one tool.
  • Elixir – Link Popularity Checker and Link quality assessment tool provides a basic overview of backlinks and major directory inclusion for a domain.

Note to site owners who wish to be listed above: Creating a free tool, writing a blog with lots of useful real world tips, creating a funny or informative image or SEO cartoon will help to get you noticed and linked.

Social Media Properties for Quality Link Building

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social media icons Social media and web 2.0 properties are great places to submit content and acquire links. They have authority, a large user base and have very focused niches that work well for topical websites.

When submitting content you must follow these rules:
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5 Tips for a Natural Backlink Profile

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It seems like a paradox, doesn’t it? As web developers, we are constantly told that our link profiles need to look 100% natural, yet businesses tend to collapse in the year-long wait for Google’s robots to even begin giving us the recognition we deserve. So, we turn to link building. And why shouldn’t we? Offline businesses do everything in their power to bring their products to the consumers – is there anything wrong with web developers doing the same thing by building backlinks to their website content?

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Link Building Blueprint for the Future

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link building highway of the future

Link building changes each year, this is a summary of how to prosper with your linking activities in the coming years.

5 years ago all we had to do is build exact anchor text links and we could hope for high rankings. 10 years ago we could get high rankings with forum signature links and comments, but today everything revolves around relevancy and natural link profiles.

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8 Safe Link Building Strategies That Work in the Penguin 2.0 Era

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With Penguin 2.1 now live, we are officially smack dab in the middle of SEO’s Penguin 2.0 era.

If you’re like most site owners, you have one burning question on your mind: “How can I safely build links to my site without getting slapped by Google Penguin?”.

Even though low-quality link building strategies — like mass web directory submissions, article marketing and blog commenting — are now worthless (and perhaps even dangerous), there are still a number of safe and effective link building strategies that you can use to build a natural link profile.
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Sharing Your Work Increases Exposure and Increases Your Rankings

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content marketing wheel How to gain an audience, avoid other people from usurping your ideas, and avoid duplicate content filters.

Using content marketing to seed articles, graphs, PDF documents, research, charts, images, infographics, videos and quotes to other websites is an excellent way to increase awareness of your website. You will be inserting your brand into a natural source of information and can reach users at a critical point in their decision making process.

When seeding your content the key is to get links back to your site from half a dozen sites. Without this quantity your efforts could be lost.
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Google Spreads Linking Naivety and False Link Information

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Links are one of the largest untracked forms of online currency, and as soon as the IRS discovers this they will try to find a way to tax them. Every link is an indication of an exchange of real value, even if the parties are linking naively.

Here is one example where an innocent link exchange with no money changing hands is increasing the value of a site:

Site A finds a cool image they want to use on site B. Site A copies the image and gives credit to site B via a link. In this example, a link has replaced payment for usage of the image. This is a basic barter deal and no search engine can complain about the link exchange.
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Create Contests To Build Links and Grow Your Community

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We recommend you implement a fantastic marketing tactic that is designed to bring in more users/subscribers/buyers. This strategy lets you gain notoriety the old fashioned way: giving away free money while providing tremendous value to your subscribers and customers.

the list of valuable prizes includes:
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Embeddable Widgets Are Great Tools for Link Acquisition

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If you have yet to discover the value of embeddable content widgets in linkbuilding, read on. Rich media, such as videos and infographics, draw attention and drive traffic, but interactive media, such as widgets that you cab place on any website, can truly build good long term links.

A widget is a simple, graphic-oriented, interactive piece of software. These programs are typically presented with aesthetically friendly user interfaces and have basic functions, such as providing data or calculations, based on user input.

Designing your widget

Before thinking in terms of SEO, there are several basic factors to consider when designing your widget. Your widget should be attractive, easy-to-use, and load quickly (be sure to keep front end coding to a minimum).

Once your widget has been designed, you’ll want to maximize its SEO capabilities by making it visible to search engines and clearly linking it to its host page. Build your widget for readability by search engine bots, using HTML divs and Javascript, and hosting it on a fast, reliable server so it will not slow down the target website.
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