Quick Tips to Optimize Press Releases for Search Engines

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This post will show you how to create a press release that will appeal to readers and help your SEO efforts. We use these strategies every day to bring in a huge amount of targeted traffic for ourselves and select clients.

Press releases can play a big role in strengthening SEO and raising page rankings. The best way to optimize SEO through PR is to start by doing any press release well and correctly to ensure it will be most effective.
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Maximize The Value of Your Online Press Release Submissions

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press hat Sending out a press release has been a search engine optimization tactic since day one. Good press releases can help you gain exposure and increase your visibility online and we are big fans of syndicating content on other websites.

Your website caters to 2 specific audiences: search engines and users. Submitting press releases will get your more links from third party websites and increase your exposure to a broader set of people.
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5 Ways To Massively Improve Your Email Newsletter

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email icon Do you want your email message to go faster than the speed of sound, and reach all of your valued readers? If you don’t follow these common rules, your newsletter will crash and won’t be heard.

Using email to communicate with your current clients and potential customers is essential. Email is still the best way to deliver relevant messages to your most interested audience.

If you are going to be sending multiple issues to your trusted clients, you must make your e-blast unique and compelling otherwise it will go into /dev/null (linux shorthand for the trash folder).

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Quick Tips to Optimize Press Releases for Search Engines

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Assuming the basics of developing a press releases for release on the web are known, here are a few quick tips to keep firmly in mind to have the most positive impact on SEO.

Press Release Optimization Tips
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Landing Page Optimization Tips To Guarantee Your Success

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tunnel-light.jpg The creation, organization and refining of landing pages is the key to pay per click marketing and online lead generation. Landing pages are audience specific, and an automotive site landing page that converts 10% of users cannot be copied to a campaign selling insurance.

Users respond differently based on the time of day, offer, price point, demographic, education level, style preferences and past experience with your brand. Thankfully we can test and design for most of these variables.
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Working With An SEO Agency

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my  favorite seo agency SEO agency watch with Tanya Vaughan, Global SEO Manager for Hewlett-Packard.

She is mainly a coordinator with many levels of management. Breaking sites into sections is very helpful.
PPC search advertising campaigns can overlap, causing competition for paid clicks from the same company. This is bad as it can raise costs and weaken user experience.
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Video Presentation Tips To Improve Your Online Demo Reel

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Having an online video showcasing your skills can be the ticket to ongoing consulting projects and new business. Creating an engaging video that demonstrates you are an expert in your field will set you apart from your competition and make a lasting impression.

Video presentation tips:
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Google Adwords Promotional Codes for $100 Free PPC Credit

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I received an email with Google Adwords coupons and have 30 promotional coupons available. Each code offers $100 in free clicks and can be used on any account in any country. These are all valid codes at the time of this posting, and are offered on a first come first served basis.

I received these 2013 Adwords coupon codes a while ago through my Google Professional certification and now I have more than I need, so you win!

These Adwords promo codes will work on any new account, so it may be worth creating a new account to utilize these free clicks. These are my gift to you for being such great subscribers.

Adwords coupon codes are below:
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$250 Google Adwords Discount

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Huge deal – today only get a $250 credit on all new Google Adwords accounts. This is the largest incentive ever offered by Adwords, and I highly recommend you take them up on it.

AdWords lets you reach people at the moment they’re searching for what you offer. Your $250 coupon is a great way to try this accountable advertising medium free of charge. Coupon expires January 31, 2009.

Get your $250 Google Adwords Credit

It looks like this adwords coupon only applies to customers who have received a promotional mailer, so check your mailbox for a Google postcard.

How To Increase Conversion Rates & Have Breakout Sales

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conversion arrows Here is a technique for increasing conversion rates using data you already have.  Its not a question of installing 50 statistics programs to measure every action taken by a web visitor, its finessing your site pages to make them appeal to your specific user needs.

If this is your situation:

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