Fantastic Interview With 2 SEO’s Aaron Wall and Rand Fishkin

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It is always interesting to hear debates between high level search engine optimization practitioners, and this is a great exchange between Aaron Wall and Rand Fishkin.

Rand from has been a leader in opening up tricks and tactics in SEO and was one of the first to openly publish specific SEO techniques. Aaron at is a great SEO advocate and routinely grills Google for double standards that may occasionally go against their “Don’t Be Evil” motto.

Below are some great excerpts from the SEO interview, some of the content has been edited for brevity.
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Understanding Website Usability and Conversions

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design usability

There was a recorded 170 billion dollars in e-commerce sales. In this world of billion dollar e-commerce transactions, imagine the potential for improvement. Every single site can improve their conversion rates thorough an improved UI and usability optimization.  We’re 12 years into the 21st century,  finally companies have excepted the fact that every business needs website.
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20% Off Pubcon Coupon Code Las Vegas

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Quick Tips to Optimize Press Releases for Search Engines

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Assuming the basics of developing a press releases for release on the web are known, here are a few quick tips to keep firmly in mind to have the most positive impact on SEO.

Press Release Optimization Tips
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SEO Copy Writing Commandments

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copy writing headline This was sent to me by a colleague frustrated with writing for the search engines. He was trained in the style of Strunk & White and hates adding more keywords to prose when it is unnecessary.

In practice, we must write to make sure keyword phrases are highlighted in the page content, and should not lazily stuff keywords in all corners of our copy.

Re: SEO writing: making things bigger for bigger’s sake.

It seems the SEO commandments are:

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Link Building Blueprint for the Future

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link building highway of the future

Link building changes each year, this is a summary of how to prosper with your linking activities in the coming years.

5 years ago all we had to do is build exact anchor text links and we could hope for high rankings. 10 years ago we could get high rankings with forum signature links and comments, but today everything revolves around relevancy and natural link profiles.

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7 Simple On Page SEO Tips for Long Term Results

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On Page SEO display chart Search engine optimization has many different aspects, but the on page tips should always be implemented in any content that is posted. In this article, we are going to cover 7 great practices that should help keep your site ranked as high as possible.

Overall Content
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How Web Hosting, Site Speed and Location Affects SEO

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students working computers SEO methods have changed considerably since Google announced its penguin and panda updates. However, the effect that hosting had on old methods still remains the same today. With increasing numbers of businesses now realising that SEO is an essential element to their online success, we want to outline exactly how hosting can make a ranking difference whether positive or negative.
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Working With An SEO Agency

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my  favorite seo agency SEO agency watch with Tanya Vaughan, Global SEO Manager for Hewlett-Packard.

She is mainly a coordinator with many levels of management. Breaking sites into sections is very helpful.
PPC search advertising campaigns can overlap, causing competition for paid clicks from the same company. This is bad as it can raise costs and weaken user experience.
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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Not SEO Gurus

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Standing on the shoulders of giants Newton said that he was able to make the fantastic scientific discoveries because he was able to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Take advantage of the search engine optimization knowledge online and find out what path others have blazed for you.

After you have had a qualified SEO drive targeted traffic to your website, success depends on using available information about navigation consistency, good design and perfect information architecture. 

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