How To Scoop Up Quality Expiring Domain Names

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I have compiled a list of services I use to help me acquire, manage and broker domain names. These are almost all free services that can help a webmaster purchase a desired domain name or get a name that is pending delete. If you’ve ever been frustrated that some other guy seems to get the best domain names, read on.

Namescout – Excellent free service with a very intuitive interface that any Adwords user should recognize 🙂

Domain Name Aftermarket – Godaddy service offering domain name auctions at low bids
Domain Alert – Another Godaddy service offering alerts to changes in domain names. Similar to
Sitefinder 301 – Sitefinder301 uses the Open Directory Project and the Internet Archive to find sites that are relevant to your niche that you may be able to buy. Check for domain names that have not been updated in a long time.
Domain Tools Advanced auction – Excellent tool allows you to search domain names by dmoz and yahoo directory listings, extension and alexa ranking and ranks them hierarchically. You will find great domains with this tool.
Register Compass – Similar to the advanced auction above, but this service costs $30 per month.
Instant domain search – Search through available domain names with a lightning fast ajax interface.
Domains bot – domain name suggestion tool. It may be able to help you come up with a good name, or you could just spend senseless hours trying to coerce the computer to find you a good available name.
Afternic – marketplace for premium domains, buy and sell domain names.
Sedo – Domain name parking services uses google adsense to give you revenue from empty domain names.
Just dropped – Search for domain names that have recently expired.
Moniker Appraisal – Looking for a domain name appraisal? Moniker is one of the top brokers for premium domain names.

If you want to order expired names you need to do it through an automated domain name recapturing service to secure domains that are pending delete.

There are 3 domain name capture services that will backorder dropped domain names:

If I missed any feel free to post them in the comments.

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