Essential Pages Your Website Must Have To Be Ranked Well in Search Engines

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I’ve been spending a lot of time looking over websites not ranking in Google I see a mistake fairly often that is easily corrected.

Search Engines won’t rank you as well if you are missing the following pages.

Important Pages You Must Have

  • A contact us page
  • A privacy policy page
  • An About Us Page

It’s true. So if you don’t have those pages on your site then you are letting your competitors take your rankings.

The reason that this is so important for search engine optimization is because Google only wants to rank quality websites that have real businesses backing them. If a search engine spider is trying to identify a thin affiliate site or autogenerated website, it looks for signals indicating authenticity and quality. If you are trying to hide your identity or conceal company details this does not send a signal that your website should be presented to potential searchers.

Other SEO signals you can use to show search engines that you are a quality business and should have a high ranking are leaving WHOIS data unprotected and use real company information. It is common for scammers to hide the WHOIS domain name registration contact details so people cannot complain to them. Make your site trustworthy and present as much company information as you can by being open, honest and forthcoming with company details and product information.

Providing a detailed customer service page, comprehensive instructions on how to get product information or return products are new social signals that Google and the other search engines are using to rank websites.

SEO is evolving, and to compete you need to open up.

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  1. Henry Says:

    this article raises a good point, what should international sites do – we have different customs for sharing information.

  2. Caspary Says:

    Just getting into social media, thanks for the good read. How deep should we promote our social bookmarks online, we want to reach as wide an audience as possible.

  3. Mike Says:

    I found your blog on Google and as an SEO specialist I have a much respect for your killer rankings.

  4. Ivan Says:

    Where is the best place to start an SEO blog meant to teach people about online marketing? Should I start my blog using wordpress to get maximum SEO value out of all our content writers?

  5. Josef Schaffer Says:

    There are some fascinating marketing concepts mentioned in this article but I don’t know if I can modify my website to take advantage of all of them. There may be some design changes we could do to improve lead conversions.

  6. Detra Getschman Says:

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  7. Hwan Bertrano Says:

    This is a fine article about creating deep media rich pages to get nice traffic from Google.

  8. Jonas Dunakin Says:

    This is helpful for our link development strategies as we have a lot of thin content that needs to be curated.

  9. Scott Skinnen Says:

    Does a blog need to have a contact and payment page? I’m having trouble with my SEO, I’d like to send you an e-mail.

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