Finding The Best Web Design Conversion Elements

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What are the best web design conversion elements to implement on your website?

I’m looking to compile a great list of conversion elements that can be included in a website. This is not for landing pages (although it could be used for them) but regular site pages, with emphasis on the homepage.

I approach every site design with conversion in mind – your design should help the visitor take desired action on your site. Keep out the fluff that will distract or alter the focus of your visitor.


  • phone call
  • completing a contact form
  • subscribing to newsletter
  • buying product
  • tweeting/sharing page with friend
  • downloading free ebook/whitepaper
  • anything that captures an email address

I am defining conversion elements as anything that will strongly persuade a visitor to remain on your site and want to learn more about you.

Conversion Elements

  • testimonials
  • 3rd party logos: BBB, truste, D&B, chamber of commerce
  • logos of good sized companies you have worked with or places you have been quoted: latimes, any inc5000, hollywood reporter etc.
  • stats showing success: client sales increases, new orders, new engagements
  • large and clear contact button – can be tastefully animated
  • photos – (founder, real staff, highly targeted to your niche)
  • short sales video
  • phone number/address

For shopping sites that sell products directly, the required elements to gain users trust are more specific. Below are elements that increase online sales in descending order of importance.

E-commerce Elements

  • product overview
  • merchant guarantee
  • availability
  • image quality
  • customer service available
  • product specific description
  • long description
  • size chart
  • toll free phone
  • ratings & reviews

The above list is from the e-tailing group/ARS ecommerce

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17 Responses to “Finding The Best Web Design Conversion Elements”

  1. Gregory Thompson Says:

    I’m a application designer myself and struggle to get technical changes through our design team.

  2. Dennis Dungan Says:

    well-done posting on conversion techniques. Please accept my offer to add 2 more ideas to persuading customers to fill out your contact form.

  3. matty Says:

    Amusingly enough, these conversion techniques are just what we talked about ten years prior at the last big internet about search engine optimization conference some number of years ago in 1999.

  4. william Says:

    You made some Good points about button color and number of navigation links on a page. My site uses the standard blue link.

  5. Anastacia Tiscareno Says:

    Watch ths video of my 1st flash based free web editor. My new flash designs are all seo friendly and standards compliant.

  6. Gregory Thatcher Says:

    it looks like your site has benefited from these conversion techniques, can you do the same for mine?

  7. isla hui Says:

    We will definitely be implementing some of these landing page conversion elements in our updated web properties.

  8. Jessica Says:

    Awesome post about design elements, I wish you would mention WordPress.

  9. Omar Yeats Says:

    Google will give your site better rankings if it converts better. The faster and cleaner your site is, the better it will rank.

  10. Sales Management Says:

    Hello webmaster I like your post about conversion testing and optimization.

  11. website writer Says:

    I am having some problems with converting users, I just cannot get any response from my traffic.

  12. Barias Says:

    I have been exploring temporarly to have a smart view with better converting web pages. What color works best for conversions?

  13. bob frost Says:

    Design starts with understanding user intent.

  14. Lauren Tyon Says:

    I was just thinking about conversion elements and landing page optimization.

  15. brett Says:

    I’m planning on adding integrating these conversion tips to my next website. Do you have any specific recommendations for the service industry?
    brett recently posted..All Hail the 14 Cent Directory LinkMy Profile

  16. CVOS Says:

    Brett examine your best competitors to see what they are doing and copy them!

  17. jessie kost Says:

    My cousin sent me a list of top SEO tactics and we will be adding them to your list of search engine friendly web design practices. Cheers!

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