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Use the Google search engine to search for content that is minty fresh.

How often are you searching for a particular item using long tail keyword strings and find half of the results on the SERP are from 2002. Using the date parameter “&as_qdr=d” will filter results by date. Append this string to the end of a search query for a blogsearh like experience.

Google date search parameter: &as_qdr=d

You can change the value of as_qdr to custom intervals. A list of the possible values of the as_qdr search parameter:

  • d[number] – past number of days (e.g.: d5)
  • w[number] – past number of weeks
  • y[number] – past number of years

See the date filtering search in action:

TC has a writeup of this date filter and Matt Cutts and the GS blog explain what to expect for future google search operations.

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  1. Ben Burakowski Says:

    Do you have a list of advanced Google search operators?

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