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add to cart We are always looking for ways to improve website conversions and increase sales, and love testing different design elements to optimize our landing pages.

Perry Belcher graciously shares his highest converting shopping cart button and explains the psychology behind its design.

This button is specially designed to be used on direct response style sales landing pages, and may not be suitable for a retail e-commerce shopping cart.

The anatomy of the best converting web button is using orange with blue text, and include a text link as well as some people are conditioned to click on blue text links.

Using a red marching ants border draws the visitors eye to the button and focuses their attention on your number one call to action.

Below is another example of a great add to cart button that produces high conversions. The strong yellow color captures the visitors attention and dark text with the clear call to action has increased lift on some of our promotions 10%.

add to cart button

These are some high converting buttons we have used successfully, what have you had success with when leading customers into your shopping carts?

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17 Responses to “#1 Highest Converting Website Button”

  1. Lisa Kotze Says:

    Thank you for providing this article about the best designed buy button, I think it will help our conversions. Keep up the good work, man!

  2. Estella Yglesias Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the button design, we are going to test it on our sales page.

  3. Advokat Goran Canizales Says:

    Hands down, Apple checkout button wins by a mile. It’s a great call to action that drives millions of dollars of high end product sales. Amazon has a good buy button as well.

  4. Jeremy Camic Says:

    Affiliate marketing is the way to go if you are serious about making money, and testing the buy button is the difference between a 5 figure business and a 6 figure business.

  5. Tamra Sharon Says:

    We are luckly to have your research, it is always good to test your website buttons.

  6. Memet Oz Says:

    This likely results in optimizing your sales pages with special eye catching graphics will improve conversions at least 15%.

  7. Trailside Says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I am sure you see in the analytics page that people are staying on this page for at least 18:00 minutes, because you have to watch the video twice. Invaluable information and reconfirms some of the old school methods for creating calls to action are still effective today.

  8. Kriz Says:

    I am glad to find which buttons I should be using on my electronics site, hopefully it will generate more sales.

  9. Ann Says:

    Oh, a wonderful written report! I have no clue how you were able to write this report..it’d take me days. Well worth it to have this SEO knowledge.

  10. Sid Says:

    Thanks for sharing your SEO ideas! I would appreciate a link to a button generator where we can create checkout buttons without HTML code.

  11. Veronica Baldi Says:

    This button looks horrible, I would never buy anything from a site that gaudy.

  12. Mokee Says:

    #1 Highest Converting Website Button helped us triple conversions – an amazing article.

  13. Rhett Colemen Says:

    I just love this blog. I am struggling to find a good SEO service and will be reviewing these options.

  14. Jamar Schwier Says:

    It’s wonderful website button generator, great for creating meaningful calls to action.

  15. Jane Nobou Says:

    Quality design is the crucial to invite the users to visit the website, and making intriguing buttons is essential.

  16. Kyle Luvera Says:

    this post #1 Highest Converting Website Button was a good read.. really inspiring to me to find ways to make my website convert better.

  17. Angelo Says:

    This is very interesting, I’ll be looking into doing these landing page tests on our site.

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