How To Increase Conversion Rates & Have Breakout Sales

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conversion arrows Here is a technique for increasing conversion rates using data you already have.  Its not a question of installing 50 statistics programs to measure every action taken by a web visitor, its finessing your site pages to make them appeal to your specific user needs.

If this is your situation:

  • You know WHO your customers are
  • You know WHAT your customers are doing and not doing on your site (i.e., web metrics)
  • You actually know WHY they’re not converting

Now what? Do you now know HOW to convert them? Grok has some answers:

Every client we’ve dealt with has had enough WHO, WHAT, and WHY information on-hand to make a positive impact on their conversion, but most have yet to figure out HOW to leverage this information to maximize and optimize their conversion rate.

Rather than relying on lifeless statistics, ask some warm blooded users about your site and get direct feedback. CrazyEgg is a great place to start to pinpoint where your users click, but watching real people interact with your site is priceless.

To see your e-commerce sales increase, do more focus groups. Even if it is a group of 3.

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    Thanks everyone for the great insight and post here.Its great when everyone can share ideas and expirence with others and when it makes a differnce as well.i will be making a contribution here as well.thanks

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    I admire the useful conversion information you offer as part of your articles – i have had conversion issues in the past.

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    Seems a very useful site for tracking clicks especially if you are working as affiliates and other related online marketing.

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