Large Corporate Websites Leading The Charge to SEO

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A large domain name registrar has been an innovator of low cost domain name registration and web hosting services for over a decade, and they are always hunting for business.

How do they want to grow in the competitive web hosting marketplace? By using search engine optimization of course!

Unfortunately this SEO experience is not seamless, and is as inconspicuous as a vegan driving a Hummer.

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This is my favorite part. If you look at the source code, this is in the footer.

table id=”divSEOContainer”

If you are trying to trick Google, at least try to make them work. Real search engine optimization is not adding 5 paragraphs of keyword laden text to the footer of your website.

Real SEO is adding valuable information that is designed to help your users make an informed decision.

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  1. joe link Says:

    I wish sometimes things were easy like the old days wen all you needed to worry about is link directories.

  2. Clark Says:

    Which hosting provider would you recommend to a blog receiving around 1000 visitors daily? Just found your blog hosting service and I think you must have surely gone through he pain of finding the best web host

  3. Inell Jesse Says:

    I am still kind of new to the corporate website development and hosting industry but I appriciate your article. i’m still trying to learn your article about scalability has helped me a lot.

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