Intel Using Low Budget Link Building Strategy

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I just received a link request email for a great offer linking to Intel. I thought I misread the company name, but it is indeed the behemoth computer chip manufacturer.

This is a really low budget way for Intel to go about getting more links, and I thought they could be a little creative and try to use some Digg spam bait to get more links. Intel just got hit with a 1.45 billion dollar fine from the EU so they must have had to slash their search engine optimization budget.

The email is below:

Software 3 Way- Link Partner Proposal !

Dear Webmaster,

My name is ANDY, marketing manager of website. I really liked your site 🙂 So, I thought why not we do link exchange ?

Due to the possible harming nature of too many reciprocal links we suggest non reciprocal links. You can link to us from your site and we will link back from another of our sites.

I can add your link here :: ( Any Inner Page )
OR ( PR 1 Content Rich).

If you are interested, please reply to this email and I will be happy to discuss our link exchange requirements.
Please add my site information under any Quality Inner Page. Here the our site details:

Link Title: business software
Link Url:
Link Description: Business Software Solutions with Intel’s Software Download Store, Special prices, Featured software downloads with superb discounts.

Again, awesome site!



I wonder how this 3 way link strategy is working for this multi billion dollar company. The top backlink listed is from HV Web Directory :: SEO Friendly Web Directory.

Intel should be proud of the money they are saving from having axed their online marketing department.


Analyze Your Toughest Competitors Backlinks

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The search for links is a never ending quest by search engine optimizers, and we can use all the help we can get. Thankfully many talented SEO’s have created helpful tools for link building and analyzing competitor backlinks. Using these tools we can refine the manual process for finding high quality backlinks.

Search here for a keyword, for example search for ‘leather chairs’


Then use each URL and search for sites that link to it. These are good places to find links, as they already link to similar competitors:


Another backlink checking tool developed by an SEO firm is the back link anchor text analysis from
SEOmoz link analysis:
The Yahoo Site Explorer is currently the only major search engine that provides detailed backlink data. Many of the links shown by are spam links/paid links/scraped links/unrelated links but it is a good public link repository. Also links are shown in descending order of quality, so the links on the first page of Yahoo search results are the most trusted.

Yahoo Site Explorer linkdomain command

Basic Query:

I love linkbuilding, and with helpful tools like these you can learn to love it as well!

10 Rest Points for Search Engine Optimization

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Everyone frets and worries about their website and this leads to over optimizing and spending money on useless SEO techniques. Safe yourself some money (and gray hairs!) and use this free search engine optimization advice to relax about the current state of your SERP’s.

These are 10 things you worry about with your SEO campaign but shouldn’t:

  1. Obsessing about number one rankings – being #1 for one keyword is nowhere near as good as being #5 for 25 keyword phrases.
  2. Focusing on PageRank – Google’s little green bar means nothing to your website. It does not control your website any more than little green men live on Mars.
  3. Worrying about who is linking to you – so your enemy submitted you to 500 automated top 100 websites, spam directories, and link farms? There is no problem as long as you do not link to any of these unsavory web properties.
  4. Worrying about what other people tell you – usually SEO salesman or well intentioned but misguided friends
  5. Outranking Wikipedia – For most generic keyword searches Wikipedia will be in the top 5, and they may even push your website to the bottom of the search results page. There is nothing you can do about this, and the almighty Wiki is likely to remain an authority site indefinitely. Be creative, join them by submitting images to the Wiki commons and link them to your site.
  6. Trying to rank in Microsoft/Yahoo/Ask – they don’t matter, really. Google is the traffic king.
  7. Banging your head over DMOZ listings – DMOZ is a powerful free directory – or not. DMOZ editors ignoring your passionate pleas? Join the club. The web is simply too big for the volunteer editors to handle so the open directory is becoming less relevant, and this trend will continue into the future. A better idea is to be listed in smaller topical directories that are directly related to your website.
  8. Meta Tags – using a meta description will allow you to control your website snippit, but meta keywords are as useless as shoes on a fish.
  9. Stressing over Alexa or rankings – Seriously would you trust a robot to run your business or make decisions for you? These automated systems make sweeping generalizations about web traffic and are only accurate for spproximately the top 5000 web properties.
  10. Changing rankings & temporary position loss – change happens, and this can be a good thing. Google is constantly refining the way they count and score backlinks and evaluate duplicate content, so as long as your links come from trusted quality sources and you only use original copy any rankings drop should only be temporal

More details courtesy of SEL.

Yahoo Site Explorer Fixed, Now Shows Accurate Back Links

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Yahoo site explorer is the best tool to use to find incoming links to your site, and without them SEO’s would not know much about the strategic link building practices of their associates.

magic 8 ball Recently yahoo started showing erratic backlink results and caused much speculation in the SEO world that they were on the verge of removing this research tool as Google and MSN have done. Google has the most reliable link data, but it is hidden behind Google Webmaster Central, disabling competitive link research on websites you don’t own. MSN is a mixed bag, some seeks they show relevant link data, other times you might as well ask the magic 8 ball for a backlink count. For the past few years, showing links was Yahoo’s game to loose.

Today Yahoo! Search maestro Priyank Garg put the search engine optimization community at ease with these comments about the Yahoo Site Explorer:

While the counts have been incorrect in some cases, the actual returned results have been correct. However, we did roll out a product fix yesterday and will be rolling out a couple more over the next few days to resolve this difference in counts some of you have observed.

If you are serious about getting a better ranking for your site and engaging in link building, Yahoo Site Explorer is the tool you need to monitor your backlink status.