Sharing Your Work Increases Exposure and Increases Your Rankings

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content marketing wheel How to gain an audience, avoid other people from usurping your ideas, and avoid duplicate content filters.

Using content marketing to seed articles, graphs, PDF documents, research, charts, images, infographics, videos and quotes to other websites is an excellent way to increase awareness of your website. You will be inserting your brand into a natural source of information and can reach users at a critical point in their decision making process.

When seeding your content the key is to get links back to your site from half a dozen sites. Without this quantity your efforts could be lost.
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The 5 Golden Rules of Content Promotion

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As online marketers we spend a lot of time coming up with awesome content to drum up publicity, social buzz and, ultimately, links for our websites. But how much time do we actually spend promoting that content?

It’s entirely natural to concentrate all our energies on the creation side of things – after all, only good material will get you noticed – and, once that content treadmill starts turning you don’t want to slow it down. So the tendency is to fire and forget; to publish your sweet, sweet content and then move on to the next piece right away.

Unfortunately this approach leads to your epic content – over which you sweated for many an hour – hardly making a splash in that big ocean we call the internet. Instead it undeservedly sinks without trace, all that potential lost forever (or at least until James Cameron turns up with a submersible and a camera crew).
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