Beating The Stuffing Out Of Domain Names

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Should you use keyword stuffed domains or hyphenated domains? Is this the magic elixir that has eluded you in cracking a top 10 Google ranking? Did you already purchase a 10 keyword domain name based on the advice of a domain name representative who wanted to sell you more names?

Here’s the bad news: It’s a bad idea

If your business is selling office furniture you want a unique name, not  This will not make your business better and will not provide an easy name for customes to remember. Further, it could possibly hurt your ranking because the majority of keyword stuffed domain names are quasi spam or made for adsense sites with no real business purpose.

Even if some search engines *cough* MSN *cough* may rank some spammy sites better today, there is no guarantee this will be the case for the future. If you spend $10,000 developing and promoting  and then the algorithm changes and leavs you on page 359, you’re in big trouble. And even worse, you can never tell this name to a potential customer for they will never remember it.

For proof, do a search for Computers.  You will not find super keyword stuffed domains and even

Instead, focus your creative energy on a unique business name that will represent who you are and grow with you for the next 50 years. I love names that are dissociated with the product and have a unique brand of their own: Nike, Skype, Apple, Sony.  You know exactly what products they sell just by a short, unforgetable 1 word name.