Sample Guest Blogging Request For A List Bloggers

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guest blog We don’t have a paid post program on this blog, but it is safe to assume that most bloggers have been paid for writing about other companies, this is how online journalism allows small bloggers to be successful.

Below is an email sent by a large advertising agency to an A list blogger or social media influencer asking them to participate in a guest posting program:
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Link Building Blueprint for the Future

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link building highway of the future

Link building changes each year, this is a summary of how to prosper with your linking activities in the coming years.

5 years ago all we had to do is build exact anchor text links and we could hope for high rankings. 10 years ago we could get high rankings with forum signature links and comments, but today everything revolves around relevancy and natural link profiles.

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5 Long Term White Hat SEO Strategies To Recover From Google Penguin

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Google recently rolled out a new algorithm update that has affected 3% (according to Google employee Matt Cutts) of common web keyword searches. The newly released update is called Google Penguin and its aim is to increase search relevancy by penalizing websites that use unethical SEO tactics to increase their site’s Page Rank. The main tactics that affected were automated link building strategies including large automated blog networks, excessive forum/comment/profile links, links from pages that receive no traffic and run of site links.

The aim of this new algorithm is to reward sites that have high quality content, have high engagement, a low bounce rate and use natural link building strategies. This caused severe disruption for many business owners, and has had a negative affect on many high quality businesses.

Google will continue to improve their algorithm and it will concentrate on eliminating spammy websites and many SEO experts believe that the changes that Google is implementing will permanently change how SEO works for website owners. The two recent algorithm that was implemented by Google in determining a site’s positioning in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), the Panda and Penguin updates, aims to fight black-hat SEO and automated link building techniques.
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