Understanding Website Usability and Conversions

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There was a recorded 170 billion dollars in e-commerce sales. In this world of billion dollar e-commerce transactions, imagine the potential for improvement. Every single site can improve their conversion rates thorough an improved UI and usability optimization.  We’re 12 years into the 21st century,  finally companies have excepted the fact that every business needs website.
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Landing Page Optimization Tips To Guarantee Your Success

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tunnel-light.jpg The creation, organization and refining of landing pages is the key to pay per click marketing and online lead generation. Landing pages are audience specific, and an automotive site landing page that converts 10% of users cannot be copied to a campaign selling insurance.

Users respond differently based on the time of day, offer, price point, demographic, education level, style preferences and past experience with your brand. Thankfully we can test and design for most of these variables.
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SEO and Landing Pages

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Here is a thread that discusses how to combine targeted langing pages into a search engine optimization campaign. The consensus is that extra content pages are always good, even if they are relatively light sales pages.

Develop independent landing pages that can be SEO’ed and linked to from the main site itself. Optimized landing pages can be linked to from any page on your site, such as the sitemap.

Read the webmaster forum discussion at WMW.

Landing Page Optimization Test: Short Form Copy vs. Top 5 List

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A large business management software company tested short, actionable call-to-action copy versus a top 5 list on a landing page for business intelligence solutions. The goal of the squeezepage was to get visitors to register for free access content, briefs, white papers, and product demos.

This is a features versus benefits test: should you always list customer benefits and promote your service offering from their perspective?
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Anatomy Of A Landing Page and Infographic Showing Correct Landing Page Optimization

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A landing page is any page that users see first on your website, so it must be optimized for their specific browsing experience.

All landing pages need these fundamentals

  1. Fast – Load time must be under 5 seconds
  2. Attention Grabbing Headline – If you spend 3 hours writing copy for your landing page, spend 2.5 hours on the headline
  3. Clear Call To Action – Make it easy for visitors to take the next step
  4. Focus On Them – Clearly state benefits and use testimonials, logos and third party verification sources to substantiate your claims

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