Landing Page Optimization Tips To Guarantee Your Success

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tunnel-light.jpg The creation, organization and refining of landing pages is the key to pay per click marketing and online lead generation. Landing pages are audience specific, and an automotive site landing page that converts 10% of users cannot be copied to a campaign selling insurance.

Users respond differently based on the time of day, offer, price point, demographic, education level, style preferences and past experience with your brand. Thankfully we can test and design for most of these variables.
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Final 4 Online Advertising

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If you watched the final 4 basketball tournament you would have seen 545 million dollars worth of ads that corporations spent to try to sway your attention from hoops.

If you are Chevrolet, you spent approximately $70 million to generate interest and leads to a vast, complex network of car websites such as

Below is a graph from showing search referrals to auto brand websites including,,, and

March madness car advertising
This search marketing chart shows traffic to major advertisers websites skyrocketed during this event, unfortunately this did not translate into actual sales.

According to Autodata car dealer marketing, Pontiac sales were up 6% in March but Chevrolet sales were down 1%. Ouch.

Chevrolet may want to consider refining their lead generation funnel and update their online customer acquisition process.
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