7 Must Follow SEO Tips For Quickly Building Links

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link building flowchart We have created a list of seven ways to get links that will drive new traffic and search engines will love. Persuading other websites to link to you is easier with a solid plan and consistent dedication to the task. The link building flowchart on the left outlines the process of building links.

7 Link Building Tips
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Link Building Blueprint for the Future

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link building highway of the future

Link building changes each year, this is a summary of how to prosper with your linking activities in the coming years.

5 years ago all we had to do is build exact anchor text links and we could hope for high rankings. 10 years ago we could get high rankings with forum signature links and comments, but today everything revolves around relevancy and natural link profiles.

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Intel Using Low Budget Link Building Strategy

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I just received a link request email for a great offer linking to Intel. I thought I misread the company name, but it is indeed the behemoth computer chip manufacturer.

This is a really low budget way for Intel to go about getting more links, and I thought they could be a little creative and try to use some Digg spam bait to get more links. Intel just got hit with a 1.45 billion dollar fine from the EU so they must have had to slash their search engine optimization budget.

The email is below:

Software 3 Way- Link Partner Proposal ! http://sx.intel.com

Dear Webmaster,

My name is ANDY, marketing manager of sx.intel.com website. I really liked your site 🙂 So, I thought why not we do link exchange ?

Due to the possible harming nature of too many reciprocal links we suggest non reciprocal links. You can link to us from your site and we will link back from another of our sites.

I can add your link here ::
http://www.netsalad.com ( Any Inner Page )
http://www.boogiedada.com/ ( PR 1 Content Rich).

If you are interested, please reply to this email and I will be happy to discuss our link exchange requirements.
Please add my site information under any Quality Inner Page. Here the our site details:

Link Title: business software
Link Url: http://sx.intel.com
Link Description: Business Software Solutions with Intel’s Software Download Store, Special prices, Featured software downloads with superb discounts.

Again, awesome site!



I wonder how this 3 way link strategy is working for this multi billion dollar company. The top backlink listed is from HV Web Directory :: SEO Friendly Web Directory.

Intel should be proud of the money they are saving from having axed their online marketing department.