Link Tools To Help Build Backlinks

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  • OpenSiteExplorer from SEOmoz – SEOmoz ofers a fantastic backlink checking tool that scrapes the web to find links. Currently they have billions of links in their indes
  • Shoemoney Tools – This is a surprisingly helpful tool that spiders google to find your top 10 competitors and who their main links are from. It also allows you to print out a user friendly report to send to clients.
  • – Analyzes the deep link ratio for the top 10 search engine results for a search phrase. DLR is the proportion of inbound links into all pages of your site, not only inbound links pointed at your homepage.
  • – Performs deep crawl analysis of links for any site by crawling all linking sites and providing analysis of links by domain and gains/losses over time as well as PageRank. Also, fully manages extensive reciprocal linking through one tool.
  • Elixir – Link Popularity Checker and Link quality assessment tool provides a basic overview of backlinks and major directory inclusion for a domain.

Note to site owners who wish to be listed above: Creating a free tool, writing a blog with lots of useful real world tips, creating a funny or informative image or SEO cartoon will help to get you noticed and linked.