Yahoo No Longer Second Most Visited US Website

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Facebook has become the second most popular website in the United States, passing Yahoo with 134 million unique visitors. Yahoo has been on an aggressive cost cutting plan, reducing services and features while Facebook continues to innovate, develop and improve their site.

What is most remarkable about Facebook’s dominance is the short time span this has happened in and it’s level of user engagement. The social networking site has nearly 3x the site visitor time as the other major internet properties.

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<p>Facebook is only behind Google and they have a real chance at beating them – <a href=Facebook is growing faster.

Back in the late 1990’s Amazon foresaw the growth of social networks and made a large investment in the purchase of in 1998. Amazon was correct in realizing “the only address book you’ll ever need” would be a website, however they were about 8 years too early.

Read more about Facebook becoming the #2 most visited website on the internet at Network World and

If You Create A New Technology Use It On Your Own Websites

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yahoo logoYahoo has a huge network of content websites, but they are ineffectively utilizing these website properties. Below is a good article on Yahoo real estate, but if you want to use Yahoo Buzz or Mybloglog you are out of luck.

Yahoo has spend tens of millions of dollars buying, maintaining, and improving these social media features but they don’t even use them on their own web properties. There is only a small link to bookmarks, which I only saw on my third visit to this site.

And Yahoo is completely ignoring the hottest social website on the internet today: Twitter.

Yahoo really need to integrate its disparate web properties, I have a feeling they are leaving millions of dollars of revenue on the table by not tightly integrating their content and social tools.

Don’t be like Yahoo – all content you create should have the social bookmarking tools most used by your site visitors.

Yahoo Answers Censors SEO Over Domain Parking Question

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I posted what I thought was an innocent search engine optimization question in Yahoo Answers. I simply asked how I could get data feeds and affiliate links for Yahoo content as is displayed on this monetized domain name:

This site syndicates content from various Yahoo properties including Answers, Shopping, and tons of pay per click listings. All external links filter through ppcredir.geo?rank=3&type=Domain%20Match%20Subsequent%20Arbitrage

Very interesting, is Yahoo sponsoring in house PPC arbitrage campaigns? Is Yahoo disclosing to their advertisers and investors that they are getting into the spam content generation game? Is yahoo losing the plot over the free and open internet?
Other companies have tried to make money off their clients using cloaked content sites masquerading as simple PPC arbitrage ventures including valueclick VCLK and marchex MCHX.

yahoo answers screenshot
See my original post to here.

I don’t expect a response from Yahoo, I just wonder why they are censoring their discussion boards and possibly promoting domain name parking content. I hope no one else has been blatently censored by this internet giant.

Yahoo Site Explorer Fixed, Now Shows Accurate Back Links

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Yahoo site explorer is the best tool to use to find incoming links to your site, and without them SEO’s would not know much about the strategic link building practices of their associates.

magic 8 ball Recently yahoo started showing erratic backlink results and caused much speculation in the SEO world that they were on the verge of removing this research tool as Google and MSN have done. Google has the most reliable link data, but it is hidden behind Google Webmaster Central, disabling competitive link research on websites you don’t own. MSN is a mixed bag, some seeks they show relevant link data, other times you might as well ask the magic 8 ball for a backlink count. For the past few years, showing links was Yahoo’s game to loose.

Today Yahoo! Search maestro Priyank Garg put the search engine optimization community at ease with these comments about the Yahoo Site Explorer:

While the counts have been incorrect in some cases, the actual returned results have been correct. However, we did roll out a product fix yesterday and will be rolling out a couple more over the next few days to resolve this difference in counts some of you have observed.

If you are serious about getting a better ranking for your site and engaging in link building, Yahoo Site Explorer is the tool you need to monitor your backlink status.