Like A Good Monopoly, Verisign Is There with ICANN Domain Names

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Monopoly isn’t just a boardgame for kids, its a great business to be in! ICANN, the international regulator of domain names gave Verisign complete control over all .com names. In addition, ICANN continues to introduce new domain name extensions, that all companies are essentially forced to purchase so they can maintain their brand.

New extensions including .me, .co and .xxx have been released and have only caused confusion in the marketplace. The consumer needs less distraction, not more, and introducing new TLD’s is just confusing.

Any registrar such as, or has to buy their names from Verisign at whatever cost Verisign sets. There is no other provider. They increased the price 7% instantly booking $27 million in new revenue.

Fun! (for the domain name monopoly)

Anyone want to bet on another 7% increase next year? Enom is already raising prices for domain name resellers, and increasing prices for their domain name aftermarket service.

Read more at TechCrunch.

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  1. Luke U. Says:


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  4. Angela Says:

    Such a treat to bash verisign.

  5. KIETH Says:

    Cheers mate and thanks for this fresh point of view, I really enjoed it.

  6. Shanel Savant Says:

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  7. Joyce Gladin Says:

    Aw, this was an incredibly good post about the domain name monopoly headed by network Solutions, more extensions is a money grab.

  8. Kissy Suzuki Says:

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