Verizon DSL Coupon $14.99 For Life Promotion

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I just saw a pretty good deal on the Verizon DSL website. This only indirectly affects online marketers who work from their home or office. We are a captive audience, because you can’t remove the “online” from online marketing. The cost of unreliable internet service is way too high to justify using cheap DSL.

The are offering 768 Kbps high speed Verizon DSL for $14.99/mo with a two year contract. With this 2 year agreement and $14.99 price point, Verizon is guaranteeing this price for life as long as you stay an active Verizon DSL customer.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, and a good indicator that high speed internet prices will be falling in the future. Competition is great for the internet marketplace, and telcos are in a fierce battle with cable companies over the right to provide you entertainment services. Verizon FIOS is a faster internet service with up to 5 Mbps. I’ve been considering FIOS, and at $29.99 per month it seems like a pretty good deal, especially if it can replace my cable.

Verizon Promotion Code: Get $14.99 DSL

This is just a note that has nothing to do with Verizon DSL service. Since I pay Verizon almost $150/mo for my DSL and cellphone service this is a company I interact with regularly, and they interact with me regularly by debiting my bank account monthly. Luckily this coupon offers a discount on DSL internet services.

verizon logo I can’t stand their company name and still think it is the most ridiculous company name aside from Verizon has very reliable broadband services but the name sounds like some sort of Mormon version of Zion on the horizon. While i’m railing on verizon, im not a fan of their corporate color scheme, it reminds me of a fire department that tries to do tech. The website really doesn’t do much for me either, its plain like the 1950’s. Luckily their service rocks, otherwise this company would be in trouble.

Argh – i misspelled their name Verizion – damn this name is confusing.

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7 Responses to “Verizon DSL Coupon $14.99 For Life Promotion”

  1. jose vargas Says:

    $14.99 for life! Thank you!

  2. Mary Stelling Says:

    Cable companies are already offering bundled internet and cable tv services at a cheaper price then Verizon.

  3. Laser Etching Machine Says:

    cable companies are also offering broadband internet these days and the cost is cheap too -,*

  4. Jack Says:

    Wow Verizon is doing a wonderful job. I like there cell phone service and internet on my new iphone 4.

    The only issue I have is the 768 kbps speed. I know this post was in Nov 2010 so the speed might have increased but to my knowledge that is very slow. I get 10 MBps from Comcast. Its blazing fast data.

  5. Christian Sandler Says:

    I am very happy to find verizon DSL speeds have increased to 1.5 mbps, now we can share files faster.

  6. Brian Says:

    is this a regional offer? i’m still getting the $24.99/mo with $5/mo off offer when i click that link.

  7. Janine Roblodowski Says:

    It’s a very impressive that you got out of a Verizon contract! I am so glad I stumbled your site, my friend needs to save the $299 termination fee.

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