26 Tips To Write Copy That Sells Users & Search Engines

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bb kingHow do you create exciting prose and witty copy that will enchant your audience and make the search engines give you a top 10 ranking? How can you use the art of search engine optimization to please real readers and not just try to appease the fickle google gods?

It’s simple write like a king, or more precisely like B.B. King. The legendary blues icon was once asked how he found his heart-warming, bone-chilling sound and relied “It’s simple,” he said. “I only steal from the best.”

Many a great SEO and company has used this to their advantage, most recently Google’s announcement of hijacking appropriating your persona information for their web 2.0 social networking venture.

Here are great tips to write optimized copy for both search engines and endusers:

Writing Headlines

  • Headlines: Do You Really Need 200 to Land a Good One? — Attversumption.com
  • Are Your Headlines Missing These Precise Psychological Triggers? — Ezine Articles
  • Top 10 Ideas for Testing Your Headlines — GrokDotCom


Customer-focused Copy

  • Test your customer-focus ratio with Future Now’s ‘We-We’ Monitor. Having studied French and participated in the culture while in France this is a particularly poignant point.

Copywriting Techniques

Trust & Relationship Building

  • Transparent Marketing: How to Earn the Trust of a Skeptical Consumer — Marketing Experiments Journal MEJ
  • Inspiring Online Credibility – 3 part series showing how testimonials, real user feedback, friendly faces, inviting graphics, clear purchase policies and straightforward toll free support will boost your website’s bottom line. GrokDotCom
  • Screencast: Building Trust & Credibility Online — GrokDotCom


Like all good duplications, I have to thank Grokdotcom for the all the ideas inspiration for this post. As Steven Colbert said to Bill Oriley, its emulation not imitation that makes great men (or at least a great comedian).

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  1. Matt Mcdonald Says:

    When writing web copy, don’t stuff it full of keywords.

  2. Basil Maynard Says:

    To give the appearance of a comprehensive website, your copy needs to be top notch. If you spend 2000 on a website you should spend 4000 on the copy.

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