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yahoo search marketing Start advertising in 2016 online at bing and Yahoo and get a $25 credit for any new pay per click account.

Sign Up at Yahoo/Adcenter to receive free clicks on all Yahoo and Bing search properties.

Yahoo/Bing coupon code: USCJ21

Yahoo! Search Marketing claims to have a traffic volume of 2.5 billion searches every month with 50 million unique visitors a day. From my experience the quality of paid search traffic from Yahoo is significantly different than traffic from Google adwords, so you should plan your bid strategy accordingly.

Yahoo/Bing sponsored search also offers a toll free phone number 866-747-7327 to answer questions about their online advertising services. I have tried to call them in the past, and it may take several tries but eventually you will be able to get a Yahoo customer service representative on the telephone.

Bing ads promo code for $25 free clicks USCJ21 is good for any new sponsored search signup.

Yahoo may have multiple promotional codes with a lower discounts. Use promo code USCJ21 to get a full $25 credit. Make sure you use this promo link only.

As bonus Yahoo credits are spotted please add the YSM codes in the comments.

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78 Responses to “Yahoo/Bing Adcenter Coupon Code – $25 Free Yahoo Advertising”

  1. Tamela Hegedus Says:

    For the lastest domain name coupon codes and promotional codes for all domain name registers, use our handy website. Yahoo still sells domain names, although we prefer

  2. Verlin Friess Says:

    Thanks for your sharing this yahoo advertising coupon, it’s very useful to my online business.

  3. Joy Says:

    Fantastic, thank you so much for the code!

  4. Perry marshall | Web Traffic Siphon Says:

    $50 for Yahoo Search Marketing isn’t exactly free money. They have lower quality traffic than Google, and you will go through your budget faster.

  5. Stacy Muller Says:

    Thanks for the nice post about 50 off yahoosoft ads. Hopefully it will still be good once Microsoft is the ad manager.

  6. Marlena Mini Says:

    Yahoo Search Engine Optimization is pretty easy and your coupon will surely help any SEO with search marketing.

  7. Annabelle shylegen Says:

    Interesting to see yahoo fighting for search share. I completely disagree that one should use Yahoo PPC, it is a waste of money.

  8. Marco Capell Says:

    Thanks for the Yahoo ppc info. Not just a short term strategy, but we will take the 50 credit.

  9. Lemuel Bonfiglio Says:

    I am sorry for my own dreadful english, but we are awful at online marketing and are looking for any advantage to drive traffic to our site. I have submitted to yahoo lots of times with no results. How do we get rankings in the yahoo search engine?

  10. Monica Hellender Says:

    Do not bother to tell your Yahoo PPC hassles to anyone… 80% don’t care about the search marketing intricacies, but the remaining 20% are going to use all their resources to compete with you.

  11. Ardelia Bracken Says:

    Yahoo is becoming an article distribution site and low quality content aggregator. Even with a coupon its not worth spending PPC dollars there.

  12. Bommarito Rolle Says:

    Justify the costs of hiring an internet marketer to setup your Yahoo accounts. If your website is a business website or a website you want to generate revenue, it is good to seek an internet marketing competent to work on your website. The costs spent on yahoo has to be justified by higher revenue and traffic to your website.

  13. Matthew C. Kriner Says:

    Thanks for the Yahoo voucher, I will be checking in with Yahoo again.

  14. Joe Morphin Says:

    Will this help me create profitable Yahoo campaigns, or will they just take my money?

  15. Senue Crastner Says:

    The problem with Yahoo is the price. What if I told you that there was now a community which had all available ppc advertising sources for FREE without monthly costs.

  16. Alfredo Praust Says:

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    1. (constanly crawled by google)
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    By submitting articles to those paid sites, i have recieved a lot of traffic, not only from my article, but they tweet it to a following based on your keyword and as a result I get traffic from twitter as well. Hope that helps!

  17. Holly Leakey Says:

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  18. Sadger Says:

    I just wanted to post this comment to let you guys know that I really, really appreciate the discount code. This is very motivational for me to have free spending money. I am a newbie in the field, and really want this to work for me and my family. Thank you again for posting this promo.

  19. Craig Kuzel Says:

    You have a good taste – Yahoo is a great ad value.

  20. Tennent Says:

    If you want to buy a Yahoo gift for your darling website, focus on the watches niche which converts well. The most valuable gift which can make a woman happy is watch and I have seen $1000 EPC for these offers.

  21. Jack Bangert Says:

    Keep it up with these search marketing coupons, I referred some mates.

  22. Elin Skene Says:

    Marketing your business is a necessary evil but if you don’t, it’s like “winking at a girl in the dark”. You’re the only one that knows you’re doing it. Don’t keep your business a secret, market it. I use Yahoo for direct lead gen lists and have increased my business in an economy where many businesses are closing down.

  23. Son Bradham Says:

    thanks for the information about Yahoo Search marketing, I am going to buy this soon.

  24. Guadalupe Coan Says:

    It very good info for me – I love yahoo search marketing.

  25. Elmo Gruger Says:

    thanks for the coupon code.

  26. discountbloguk Says:

    Thanks for the information about the yahoo coupons, now if only they didn’t sell out to Bing…

  27. Shirely Bulacan Says:

    I’d been just simply googling for some details on the yahoo transition to the bing search engine and found some really nice stuff about the new system. Will Yahoo continue to maintain any parts of their search engine?

  28. john Says:

    Thanks for the codes

  29. Serena Rivera Says:

    Why would we need a Yahoo coupon when they are being run by Bing?

  30. Sam Jones Says:

    Nice yahoo seo article.

  31. Paula Phelps Says:

    Yahoo still does search?

  32. Joe Greaves Says:

    Looks good, the Yahoo directory is still holding its own as a source for high PR links.

  33. justin Says:

    This blog is AWESOME! I’m so glad I was surfing Yahoo today and found it with the discount codes

  34. Mrs.Hope Lee Says:

    What a great resource, i wish Bing didn’t destroy Yahoo.

  35. Frank Guiterrez Says:

    This is such a great search engine coupon resource that you are providing and you give it away for free.

  36. Lesley Newsome Says:

    I ‘m perpetually trying to look out for PPC bargains too. How long does it usually take to receive these Yahoo coupons? .

  37. Terrance Murley Says:

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Bless you!

  38. CVOS Says:

    Terrance you are shown as not being subscribed to comments. Thanks for participating!

  39. Wariner Says:

    This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the Quora forums to Yahoo answers. The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features that online superusers love, plus there are few newbies.

  40. marry lance Says:

    Yahoo needs to improve their content offerings, their homepage is not enough to grow their web company.

  41. Alen Rosenzweig Says:

    I like the helpful info you provide in your post about Yahoo/bing ad discounts. I will bookmark your blog and check again here frequently for more deals.

  42. sam bizmark Says:

    In Yahoo the same keywords bring about 1/10 the traffic as from Google, but I still like buying the cheaper ads.

  43. joseph pablo Says:

    Attractive section of SEO content coupons. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I acquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts about discounts for online advertising.

  44. Octavio Says:

    Ideal internet site that gets great rankings on Yahoo. i love the concept of using new social profiles to rank websites, Yahoo needs something to differentiate themselves from other portals.

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  46. rom.buc Says:

    Thanks for the information about Yahoo and SEO. I never used yahoo ads but I’ll try with this code.

  47. Malika Sulloway Says:

    As I have mentioned, yahoo answers is a organization tool. It’s not really a miracle apparatus for finding unbiased info like wikipedia. It could effortlessly turn into yet another usable online expense unless online marketers find out how to take advantage of it.

  48. Tory burch Says:

    I discovered several intriguing things inside your website especially the SEO tips. We had no idea Yahoo transferred to Bing.

  49. Melania Abelard Says:

    your internet site is good for cheap yahoo ads. I actually do many things with Yahoo PPC to deliver the top results.

  50. phil sesame Says:

    Wow that was strange, I just had a flashback to getting .01 bids on overture!

  51. Ivan Fabiusz Says:

    Special deals at Yahoo is a bit late, they are an also ran.

  52. Fred Eustachy Says:

    How much of an job does Yahoo need to do to keep intriguing new users? They get 1 billion homepage views per month, but that is their only trick.

  53. Ewelina Says:

    Yahoo is still a paid search provider?

  54. Eric Babilas Says:

    Yahoo answers has saved us thousands of dollars – we have gotten valuable information for free.

  55. Kamelia Says:

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    take into account your stuff prior to working at Yahoo and the description is simply the best for SEO. I think that Yahoo can rebound from loosing Carol Bartz as CEO.

  60. Stefany Femat Says:

    I really depend on Yahoo for our traffic, news sites are huge for us.

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  63. Margan Senthil Says:

    Yahoo sends us a fair amount of international traffic, but I suspect this will change with the new google algorithm.

  64. Grant Glidewell Says:

    Is there a way to keep yahoo directory listings updated with the social network Answers profiles?

  65. Tarallo Says:

    Every day we try to answer peoples questions, and post as many comments promoting our website as humanly possible.

  66. Debora Laurence Says:

    Des petites annonces gratuites pour particulier – avertissment avec microsoft bing.

  67. Youell Says:

    I tried looking at the Yahoo website with my SEO site, but they just don’t have enough traffic to justify the cost.

  68. Casey Minnate Says:

    Have you ever considered publishing an e-book about Yahoo SEO in the Bing era? I have a blog centered on the same subjects and our site sucks in Yahoo search.

  69. Bob Massa Says:

    $25.00 Bing and Yahoo! Search advertising offer code to all new users.

  70. Larry Says:

    the look of new SEO is not good, Yahoo has destroyed our positioning and replaced it with meaningless social media content.

  71. Ibrahim Says:

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  72. robert.sugar Says:

    Very helpful to have discounts for our yahoo display ads.

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