Hosting Account Management

Learning Cpanel

Netpaths uses the cpanel web host management system and we believe it is the most flexible graphical web host editor available.

Data that will help you use your hosting:

  • Access your cpanel by using /login after your domain name:
  • Web based email is available for pop email accounts:
  • Manage email using the "mail" icon in the button grid. The mail button is on the left of the top row.
  • Forwarders allow you to keep your existing email address with your Internet Service Provider (AOL, Verizon, Earthlink etc.) and use your own email. In the mail screen click on forwarders.
  • Statistics are available. Click on the first icon in the 4th row called "Web/FTP Stats" then click on the link that says "Awstats"
  • You can edit website pages live using the "File Manager" icon. All webpages and images are in the folder public_html. Make sure you know what you are doing if you edit your own pages as any change you make will appear instantly

View a cpanel demo.