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Three Easy Steps to an Application

Want to impress us and increase your chances of landing a job at NetPaths.net? Just follow these three easy steps to a hot NetPaths.net application. We can't promise you'll get the job (you don't see us promising rose gardens either). But if you don't play - and play well - you can't win. View current search engine optimization jobs.

Step 1: Your Cover Letter

As you belly up to the computer to write that email cover letter, keep one mantra and only one mantra cycling through your brain - be yourself. Also, tell us why you think you'd be a good fit for NetPaths.net in general and the position in particular. But don't be a windbag. Keep it short and relevant. You will have a much greater change of success landing a coveted SEO job with a well thought out resume that is targeted to Netpaths unique business strengths.

When it comes to formatting that letter, aim for a squeaky clean appearance, with line breaks at roughly 72 characters. Resist using ASCII flourishes (e.g., **, --, or +-+) when a few underscores will do just fine, thank you very much.

Step 2: Your Résumé

Now, take a good, hard look at your résumé. Do you have a mile-long list of job after job? Think it looks impressive? Think again. Long job lists rather than making our eyes pop simply make us suspicious (and sleepy) - they're indicative of an antsy professional. Besides, its much more revealing if you tell us what you're good at and what kinds of projects you've worked on.

Apply only for positions that correspond to your skills. If you're clearly overqualified or underqualified, we'd still like to take a look at your résumé. But don't try to shoehorn yourself into a job that doesn't suit you. Instead, explain what you're looking for. If nothing quite seems to fit, throw in the shoe for now. When something more appropriate surfaces, we can revisit your credentials and maybe give you a call. But please don't apply more than once. You know the saying - we'll call you.

We prefer to receive your résumé in ASCII, or plain, text. However, we'll be happy to look at your résumé in HTML format as well. Simply provide us with a URL. But we still need that ASCII version. For one thing, it's easier to process. And, depending on the job for which you're applying, the way you work within the restrictions of plain text can say a lot about your skills. Also, that URL can change. And, since we keep all résumés on file, you don't want to risk our losing your precious baby down the road to a dead link. (Also, please do not include attachments.)

Step 3: Your Web Credentials

Wanna show off your Web site? We'd love to see it. Although your site need not be perfect, we do enjoy dazzling Web work. The design department scrutinizes its applicants on the presentation of information with respect to content, organization, usability, form, and appeal. Those seeking a job in production should demonstrate a greater sophistication in the use of HTML than nonprod types. A word to the wise: Check your Web pages with browsers other than Netscape; you never know what browser we, and others, might be using.

Web beauty is skin deep. This means that content is important to us; although a vanity homepage is fine, a sharply written site that provides something substantial like a community resource will really get our attention. (And always remember to include the URL for all Web resources you might provide.)

Got it all together now? Does your letter shine, your résumé sing? Well then: Send your ASCII cover letter and résumé to our career desk. The subject line of your email must include the appropriate job title.

Unless otherwise noted, all jobs are based in the Los Angeles area.

NetPaths.net is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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