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My favorite school subject was (is):

I watch TV: often frequently occasionally never

I prefer: city life suburbs small town life country life

I prefer: cool weather warm weather

My favorite season is: 

I like: indoor activities outdoor activities


About Me

*My age is : 15 to 20 21 to 30 31 to 40 41 to 50 51 to 60 61 to 70 71 or older

In general, I feel that life has been: to me

I am generally: up tight easy going

I am generally: sad happy

I am generally: secure insecure

I generally : change or new situations

I am able to establish and meet goals: yes no

I believe that I am :

I am generally:

I am: very sensitive: somewhat sensitive not very sensitive

I consider myself to be generally: ordinary unusual

I am: moody even tempered

I have: self discipline

I am generally:

I tend to be: opinionated not opinionated

I am generally:

I am generally: of others who don't share my beliefs

I generally arrive: early on time late

I am basically: liberal conservative

I engaging in debates

I have: way too many friends many friends a few friends very few friends no friends

I am:

I am: married unmarried divorced engaged unattached

I completed: high school training program 4 year college graduate studies

I work in the field in which I was trained or educated: yes no

My income is:

I live: beyond my means within my means

I am:

I my job

I am to save money

I my money

I am: pro life pro choice

I support: right to bear arms gun control

I believe that capital punishment is:

I believe that children be spanked

I would prefer:

I believe that homosexuality is: a lifestyle choice a biological factor

I in a supreme being

I go to church: regularly occasionally never

I take risks:

I like to gamble: frequently occasionally never

I think adult entertainment should be: legal illegal

How I feel about ghosts:

How I feel about UFOs:

How I feel about Extra Sensory Perception:




My general health is:

I am: overweight normal weight thin compulsive about my weight

How important a factor to you is health?

I use tobacco: yes no seldom

I use alcohol: frequently moderately occasionally never

I use recreational drugs:

I exercise: regularly occasionally never

I take: vitamins minerals food supplements

I am intimate with my partner:

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