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50.5 percent of searchers never got past the first search results page and only 29.2 percent went to the third page.
-- Penn State study
[SEO] is more than worth it - I give them some numbers from [my site] (went from 1-3 jobs/week to 3-8 jobs/day), and they see the light.
-- SEO client
60% of all consumers will search online to find product information before making a purchase.
-- Business 2.0
The average Internet user spends 1.5 hours per week searching for information online.
-- Jupiter Research
If your businesses does not rank well in Google it can cost dearly in terms of lost sales.
--Business Week works with cutting edge technology and continuously studies new topics in search engine marketing to keep up with the changing nature of internet search and classification resources.
A comprehensive knowledge base of information is required for maximum results.
Continuous research and tweaking is required to maintain top positioning.
Search engine optimization is designing, writing, and coding your entire website to maximize your chances of ranking well in search results.
Optimization for specific search engines using our unique software will get you more traffic.
Understanding of how PPC and search engine marketing ties into natural search campaigns.
How Internet Consumers Find Web Sites:
Search engines: 81%
Link from another site: 59%
Viral marketing (word of mouth): 56%
TV: 48%
Guessed URL: 41%
Online advertising: 20%
Radio: 19%
Direct mail: 10%
Source: Forrester Research Inc.

    The process of SEO is:
    1.) Search for appropriate keywords that will bring highest amount of traffic.
    2.) Optimize and rework HTML pages, synching the title, meta and appropriate body tags.
    3.) Content generation with focused, newsworthy pages
    4.) Link building, directory submission, tweaking.

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