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Insider SEO Tips

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Search engine optimization and positioning has become a fundamental component of any online business plan.

It is imperative that online companies consider implementing some level of search engine marketing. Internet searches are the most widely used method of attracting traffic to a website -- research confirms that up to 85% of prospective web customers use search engines to find solutions and vendors (Georgia Institute of Technology).

Keyword Research Tools

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Important points

The top 10 search engines will give you over 95% of your traffic.
Meta Tags are virtually worthless
Spamming, cloaking, doorway pages, hidden text, multiple domains are all methods that will LOWER your ranking, and possibly blacklist your website URL.

Netpaths.net only uses ethical methods to promote your site. Google has a list of search engine best practices.

If your website is not found in the top 10 to 30 search results in the major search engines you might as well build a "billboard in the woods" -- nobody will ever find your site. Competition is intense for top placement and the search engine field continues to evolve. Where once there were a dozen search engines that merited attention, you can now create a meaningful search engine optimization campaign by focusing on only one: Google.

Google powers 70% of all web searches

If you decide to employ a search engine positioning framework from the start, you will give your online business an advantage over your competitors, increasing traffic and therefore, sales. Important parts to consider are eliminating URL's with extraneous characters in them: mycontent.html?page=db&32. Meta tags are also of decreased importance, in favor of good title tags and content in the body of your pages.

Search Engine Tips & Resources

Ask Marketing Experts - Search engine forum offering free advice. Owned and operated by Netpaths.
Agent Web Ranking - check your position in any major search engine and see historical change in placement.
PPC - which search engine to advertise on.
I - Search - not to be missed bi weekly search engine discussion newsletter.
selfpromotion.com - automated self search engine submission resource.
searchenginewatch.com - track business developments of online search resources. keyword selection

A successful SEO campaign will generate visitors at a lower acquisition cost than any other form of advertising.

Each of the major U.S. search engines/directories use a unique methodology, algorithm or formula to determine a site's relevance to keyword queries that considers a variety of HTML elements of a website. Netpaths.net's primary goal is to remain ahead of the search engines as they make constant, unannounced changes in their methodologies that can lower a site's ranking. Understanding the way search engines change is crucial to the ongoing success of an online marketing campaign. Search engine positioning is still a relatively new science, but the importance of its mission -- improving website rankings in response to search engine queries -- could not be clearer. At stake are billions of dollars in e-commerce transactions, and your success on the web.

Email marketing is a great compliment to natural search optimization. Constant Contact is a good firm to use for online newsletters.

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