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Announcing your presence is a delicate and necessary task, crucial to the success of any business. Sloppy press releases, or spamming newsletters free for all links pages (FFA's) and search engines will only draw you negative attention. Targeted advertising, online research, and banner design are available.

With such an incredibly high profile, it’s easy to see why Google has become somewhat mythical. After all, no one says ‘just MSN search it’ or ‘dogpile him and see what comes up.’ Google and ‘googling’ have literally become part of our vernacular, a company name that is now a verb. Yet millions of people conduct millions of searches every minute without ever using Google; they are not the only game in town.

International cyber atlas predicting the amount of people online.

Writing enticing press releases and alerting the online community of your new presence is the way to win viewers, who are easy to turn into customers.

  • Quality sells itself.
  • Marketing sells any level of quality.
  • Quality and Marketing respectfully have their functions.
  • Where there is not quality, marketing will suffice and vice-versa.
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