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Search Engines

The most important parts of Search Engine Marketing:
1) good content
2) relevant search phrases
3) good placement of those phrases on each engine
4) well worded descriptions

The process of creating a well optimized site:

  1. research to find the most relevant keyword phrases
  2. optimizing the text on a site using research data
  3. submission to search engines
  4. link building, tweaking and resubmission

Successful search engine marketing is a continuing process, and you will only have sustained results with constant attention to your site, and your competitors.

Tool to track your keyword positions and monitor position in all major search properties.

Search Listings vs. Banner Ads
A study conducted by NPD Group, a research group specializing in consumer purchasing and behavior, tested the impact of search listings, banner ads, and tiles across a variety of sites to determine which was most effective. In every situation, search listings came out on top.
Search listings overwhelmingly outperformed banner ads and tiles on all marketing standards and measures, including:
  • Aided and unaided awareness
  • Likelihood to click-on
  • Overall opinion
    Awareness Aided / Unaided

    Search listings rank significantly higher in likelihood to read or click.
    Likelihood to read / Likelihood to Click

    Search listings are more favorable than banner ads or tiles.
    Overall Opinion

    Search Listings Increase Online Purchases
    Consumers are 5 times more likely to purchase your products after seeing search listings versus banners
    Where Do Purchases Originate
    * Banner ad is defined as 468x60 pixel gif, within the top 200 pixels of the page.

    Tile ad is defined as 125x125 pixel gif on the left or right sided of the page.

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