Submitting Content and Documents for Your Website

While preparing the content for your website, it is highly recommended to keep in mind the following information:

  1. What we see is what we think you want. In your document, strive to properly format your text, use correct fonts and font sizes, and include the desired spacing for lines, paragraphs, etc. Having correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in your document is important, so read and reread your document to correct errors. What you see on your computer screen is what we will use to create your website. There are exceptions to this rule, which is why we give you the opportunity to look at your site to make changes. *

  2. We recommend that you use either Veerdana or Times Roman for your font, with the size being no larger than 20pt, and no smaller than 8pt. This will give clarity and ease of reading for your visitors.

  3. Please do not underline text for emphasis. Either bold or italicize the text you are wanting to emphasize. When text is underlined in a website, your visitors will expect the text to be a hyperlink to another web page.

  4. Please attach your documents to an email or save your content on a disk in Word format and then submit to your Site Manager. In some cases it may be necessary to fax, mail, or deliver hard copies of your documents in addition to the electronic files to insure proper consistency.

* Please note, contents are restricted to a three iteration process as follows:

Submission 1 – This means all content for all the pages are received by the site Manager from client. After preparing the content, it is returned to the client for review.

Submission 2 – This means all changes to the content are received from the client, by the Site Manager. After preparing the changes, the content is returned to the client for review.

Submission 3 – This means all the requested changes to the content are received from the client. These submitted changes will be finalized by the Develoer Team and shown to the client. No further changes can be made under the standard plan. If Developer makes errors they will be corrected at no charge. Further changes can be made, but on a time and materials basis using the current rate schedule.