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Redesign & Overhaul

Frequently a company will find its website inadequate for its present need. There many reasons a redesign or upgrade should be considered and equally many improvement opportunities to be realized ––

  • a new look
  • improved brand recognition
  • usability/navigation improvement
  • elimination of excessive text
  • new content additions
  • interactivity created
  • search engine marketing and advertising

Some of these considerations are overlapping, each has a number of components.
Visitors rarely come back to a bad site. Netpaths.net can apply first-aid to help it rise new-born from the ashes.

Premade website templates are also an option if you need your site online quickly and have limited time for the design process. Content management systems are also an excellent way to easily make changes on your website. This program will allow you to change text on your site using an intuitive graphical interface in your internet browser.

There is consolation in such cases; the site that needs our help is rarely a complete loss. At the very least, it is a starting point for improving and updating your online presence. More importantly, making improvements to site structure can drastically improve its search engine ranking.