10 Massive Mistakes Made By Every New Adwords Advertiser

Pay per click is an excellent strategy to get instant exposure from targeted clients. It seems deceiptively easy to add keywords, write and ad and hand over your credit card number to the PPC engine. This is the reason it is so dangerous – achieving success, or making more than you will spend on PPC, is actually quite difficult. Unfortunately many businesses either give up and stop PPC advertising, or just spend more money and blindly hope some miracle will happen where they somehow beat out all the other competitors in their field.

Unfortunately, when your competitors include ebay.com, amazon.com, buy.com etc. you are facing a long, lonely uphill battle against companies with almost unlimited online ad budgets.

Top mistakes made by inexperienced advertisers:

  1. creating a long list of less than targeted keywords
  2. failing to identify unique aspects of your product or service
  3. a lack of keywords in your ad text
  4. directing users solely to your home page
  5. creating single ad groups
  6. utilizing single campaigns
  7. using broad match only
  8. failing to optimize ad serving for your ads
  9. failing to track results
  10. entering the content network without modifying bids

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