Adventures In Business with Mister Rogers

I just read about an investor and businessman who has been around the world 2 times, once on a motorcycle through China, and recently on a souped up mercedes benz through 160 countries.


His name is Jim Rogers and he has no fear, and amazing entrepreneurial spirit, and a certified risk taker. This international investor is generally bullish on the world. He is taking investments away from Russia and South America and investing in Japan, China. If the Euro works, it will be the new world currency, replacing the US dollar. This is huge, and involves the strength of the European economy to keep the Euro strong. One day we may do well to transfer all dollars to Euros. The only other possibilities are the Japanese Yen or the Chinese Yuan if China ever allows its currency to be free.

More about this great investor after we describe his custom around the world ride:

All Activity Vehicle combines the comfort and styling attributes of the Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 sports car with the sturdy durability of the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Series wagon. It helped Paige and Jim set a Guinness World Record.

powered by the proven, reliable 177 hp 3-litre G-Series Turbodiesel six-cylinder engine and comes with a five-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel-drive powertrain. For road clearance, the Sunburst Yellow body rides a full foot higher than the stock SLK. Specially designed full fender flaring and a step-up rocker system visually blend the hybrid’s two characters giving it a unique identity. Prisma designed a matching trailer since extra storage capacity is needed for a trip like this. Metalcrafters manufactured the trailer.

The MB Millenium Mobile
mercedez benz 4x4 Car

How cool is it to travel the world in a 4×4 sports car?

Here are links to video interviews of Mr. Rogers

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Mr. Rogers wrote a book called “A Bull in China” and “Adventure Capitalist” Here is one thing I can teach this multimillionaire: You’re leaving money on the table by not linking through an affiliate link. Create an affiliate account in and and use your link.
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