Adwords Triangulation Method

stompernet logo Dan Thies’ revolutionary “Adwords Triangulation Method” – and already
MAKING MONEY using it.

There’s still time to send folks to that video here

Make sure users have commercial intent.

Subject: 2x the clicks, 4.7x the sales (in just 3 days)

Have you seen the comments on the new StomperNet “Going Natural
3.0” video?

“Bloody fab!
I took the info from this one video and doubled
my click through.
increased my conversion rate by 4.7 times!!!
Cant thank you enough!”

-Rich Moses

They only released this thing on Tuesday! 3 Days Ago!

This isn’t just a “teaser” video with the real valuable stuff
for sale. It’s really a totally free video.

In the video they show how they took a brand new website
website and in ONLY 6 months, reached an 8.5x Return on
Investment and $150K a MONTH in sales!

Heck, they made $13K in just the first 30 days using the
“Adwords Triangulation Method” they reveal in the video.

That’s NOT 8.5%. Look closely. That’s 8.5 TIMES ROI.

Imagine how well YOU could be doing after tweaking YOUR
campaigns the way they recommend for the next 6 months.

And you should know that this is NOT stuff that’s been talked
about before, EVER. These are NEW techniques StomperNet
developed with over $1 million of ad spending – there’s nothing
like this anywhere.

Here’s another comment someone left on the video page:

“As a former Google Certified Adwords Professional, I thought I
had seen it all about adwords. What you’ve got here really
makes sense and I’m really excited to learn something new about

For folks that would like a Table of Contents:

* Setting up your Adwords account correctly from SCRATCH
(especially for those of you just starting out)

* Finding the RIGHT keywords that will make money in YOUR
market (this can be the difference between making a huge profit
or actually throwing money away)

* Bidding to place your ad in the MOST PROFITABLE position (and
it’s not just speculation – they SHOW which are the real

* Writing ads that will get you clicks from PROSPECTS, not
browsers (using 5 simple mindsets that ANYONE can master in

*** PLUS they’ve got these ADDITIONAL 2 Videos for you:

They’ve assembled a reel of UNRELEASED clips and subscriber
favorites – All about drastically improving the conversion
rates of your landing pages.

That’s MORE cash in YOUR pocket.

Included with that bonus video is the “Click-Fu” video the
Stomper crew released at the beginning of this year.

They show that if you want to make it easy for your visitors to
buy, you need to break up your pages into little “bites” that
your eyeballs can quickly absorb and comprehend. They show you
just how to do it, and the results of using it on their own

The results? 2x conversion!

That means sales DOUBLED. More of the visitors they ALREADY
HAD went ahead and BOUGHT something when they used “Click-Fu”
and at the end of the day, that’s why we’re all in business.

Right? To get a good ROI? To make more money?

How much are people loving this video?

“Wow – this is better than my stocks, my bonds, my real estate,
and everything else!

Anytime I can invest one dollar and get back $8.50 – I’m very

I opted-in to your list today, and look forward to working with

Sincerely, SEO net

Just go check out the video. It’s free. If you like it (as
much as we do) opt-in on that page and you’ll get immediate
access to the “LOST Videos” and the landing page conversion-
doubling tactics.

Don’t miss it! I don’t know how long they’re going to keep it
up for free.


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