B2B Marketing Advanced Practices Handbook Review for Marketing Sherpa

marketing sherpa This is a review of the new 2011 B2B Marketing Advanced Practices Handbook authored by the great online ad firm Marketing Sherpa. We went through the 198 page book and found many quality nuggets of information that has helped us make 15% more from our PPC ads than we had before, just by tweaking landing pages and improving our conversion funnel.

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  • Chapter 1 – Find and attract leads
  • Chapter 2 – Uncover qualified leads
  • Chapter 3 – Establish automated marketing processes
  • Chapter 4 – Lift results

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They have a special acronym to help you understand the process and simplify the strategy. Marketing Sherpa calls it the FUEL Methodology: Find, Uncover, Establish, Lift

The FUEL marketing methodology has four key steps

Find and attract leads
Improve lead generation efficiency and learn how to develop an powerful lead generation plan using focused landing pages and optimized ad copy. Develop buyer personas, your value proposition and high quality content to support your marketing mix. Identify the ideal mix of inbound and/ or outbound marketing tactics for your organization, which could be direct response, squeeze and landing pages, and paid search.

Uncover qualified leads
Drive Marketing and Sales success. Learn how to identify qualified leads that are generated from your Marketing campaigns and establish lead scoring, nurturing and management methodologies that will identify qualified leads, and follow up with unqualified leads until they are ready for sales involvement.

Establish automated marketing processes
You have identified what constitutes a qualified lead for your organization and mapped out lead scoring, nurturing and management programs, you must automate the execution of these processes to sync ads, offers, landing pages and conversion funnels.

Lift results
Once you’ve implemented a revolutionized B2B Marketing plan, you must track it with analytics and split testing.

Below is an outline and preview of this fantastic book. The book has so much information in it, the introduction and table of contents is 14 pages long!

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  1. We have helped people with this SEO B2B niche, and dedicate our resources to helping others build their networks.

  2. I just could not go away your B2B POST before suggesting that I actually used the information and made 10 new business contacts.

  3. Over the course of creating a relationship with marketing firms, offering a free ebook is the best way to get leads.

  4. Many thanks to Marketing Sherpa for creating this great tool for online marketers. I love studying SEO and have a great deal more to learn before I can quit my job to live the internet lifestyle.

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