Bad SEO at Dell

Sometimes big companies just never learn. has been generating doorway pages in an attempt to SEO their way back to 1999. They must have received one heck of a powerpoint presentation from WebPosition Gold.

Some of the offending webpages that provide little unique content with extra helpings of keywords

There are 2 reasons why this unscrupulous Search Engine Optimization is terribly bad

  1. This is a Fortune 500 company and they should have better marketing teams. Really, if Dell sent any of their marketers to a search engine marketing conference this SEoops could be avoided.
  2. Dell will get away with it, while small webmasters never will. There have been countless cases of quality websites getting burned while large sites never face a penalty.

This paragraph isn’t spam, but it sure is awkward and has a lot of forced keywords

Laptop computers can be kept safe and secure with ease. As alarming as the threat of hackers and viruses and the like may sound, securing your laptop is simple with Dell. And keeping your information safe needn’t break the bank either. There are various affordable options for protecting your new laptop through Dell’s security partners. Laptop computers feature a range of security options, so whether you’re buying a new Dell laptop and want to add security software to your purchase, or you want to update your current home system, check out your options with Dell. We’ll take the hassle out of your laptop security – giving you one more great reason to buy at the Dell laptop sale!

From the page footer – related articles? Seriously Dell is trying to follow the article directory trail? Did they outsource SEO to India?200803251701

Code screenshot from Dell Computer pages shows SQL calls picking out keywords from database fields. This brings new meaning to the phrase “commenting your code”!

Dell laptop spam
Dell doesn’t have to worry about HP as their main competitor, they are rapidly loosing marketshare to other laptop manufacturers. Dude, drop your Dell and get a Macbook Air! Dave Naylor was the first person to spot this.


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3 Responses

  1. I think Dell has another tactic in marketing. Maybe they do not rely on SEO as a weapon of their marketing. There’s something else more important in their view that we do not know. Everything is just a matter of perception, and everyone free to argue anything.

  2. Zune and iPod were always better than the Dell jukebox, no wonder they had to resort to shady SEO tactics to sell it.

  3. I have never had a problem with this but i know it is common. I wonder if this is common when it comes to cheap Dell hosting or reseller hosting accounts.

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