Blogrush: Another Anchor To Slow Down Your Blog

This post title is perhaps a bit harsh and may not be justified, but 2 things are true: Blogrush is an externally hosted widget that will increase website load times, and Blogrush is growing exponentially.

See this alexa graph for Blogrush:
blogrush alexa graph

See what Blog Rush looks like:

I have just started using Blogrush and to get the most value out of this blog widget you will need to be an early adopter.

The main benefits of this service is allowing you to find new sites related to your blog. There are probably hundreds of people in your niche that have interesting things to say, and you will never read them. This is like personalized autodiscovery for blogs, and gives you an indication of what you will find, unlike services from Also, Blogrush has an affiliate program, while stumbleupon does not. What is cooler than getting credits for new signups?

I recommend signing up immediately just to test it out, just like these people did.

Video demo of Blogrush


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  1. I’ll be fair to Blogrush and say that while I haven’t had a flood of traffic yet (which is no surprise) the one thing it hasn’t done is slow down load times – they appear to have some pretty solid hardware behind it, given the level of interest and sign-ups it’s had.

    I know what you mean though, as slow loading was the reason I dumped various other widgets such as ‘The Good Blogs’ which was a similar idea.

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