Break The Mold Of The Struggling Webmaster With Targeted Search Engine Traffic

Have you ever run into a struggling webmaster online? Of course not, struggling webmasters don’t get found – but you can, without using SEO tricks or shady sales copy.

Some people may be up-to-date on the latest google algorithm changes and SEO theory promoted in online forums, but fail ro understand the basis of traffic generation and website monetization.

The big picture you need to focus on: creating a website their customers love to use.

Some online marketers fail to recognize that content is king and are unwilling to do the work to attract the right audience to their website.

CTPM Acronynm Explained


CTPM outlines the essential building blocks to online success. Without that bedrock foundation, everything else is simply a temporal gimmick.

Help your future customers to gain a full understanding of the cycle of web traffic and learn how to create websites that attract users and magnetically get them to buy your product.

Break The silent partner’s mindset. These are people who turn a blind eye to clear and present danger, hoping for the best while trying to ignore the worst. These are people who don’t understand search engines, and just hope their website is good enough to keep passing future algorithm changes.

For days, months, and even years, everything is fine. And it stays fine until a major disruption occurs, such as Google Panda. Then the Drug Dealer’s Wife is caught blindsided by a 50% decrease in traffic and no idea how to stop hemorrhaging traffic.

Keep producing, testing and implementing, and learn how you are already further ahead of 90% of struggling webmasters.


27 Little-known Tips to GET TRAFFIC to your Website

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