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Any good search engine optimizer needs a good array of tools to quickly get data about a website. Data important to SEO’s include the number of backlinks, forward links (websites you link to), headers (we want clean 301 redirects and useful 404 error pages), number of pages indexed and other publicly available data. I also included a bookmarklet and other blogging bookmarklet tools.

Here are SEO bookmarklets that will help you quickly link to third party data resources. To use these SEO bookmarklets drag them to your Firefox bookmarks toolbar. Are you using Internet Explorer? These tools may work, but to guarantee proper functioning and to use the full range of search engine optimization addons you should use the Firefox browser. Go install Firefox, we’ll wait for you.

To activate these javascript bookmarklets click on them while the website is loaded in the main window.

SEO Bookmarklets

Yahoo Backlinks – Checks number of backlinks in Yahoo
Link Forward – Displays the sites you link to with MSN Live search results
Duplicate Content Search – Searches Google for selected text on other websites
Sites on IP – Displays other sites on the same IP as the current site
Number of Indexed Pages – Site: search in Google for current domain – Domain name ownership data for the site
HTTP Header Checker – Gives you the response code for the current page

Miscelaneous Bookmarklets bookmarklet – Add page to in one click

delicious bookmarklet
– quickly add tags and copy bookmark to your blog

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