Buying and Selling Domain Names

Fox news does a short story on the domain name aftermarket, and as usual offers marginal entertainment and little information. Not surprisingly this media company tells us that sex sells, specifically sold for 12 million dollars.

See the video clip of 2 women talking about purchasing valuable domain names, wishing they got into this market 10 years ago. Don’t we all?

My tips on buying domain names:

* Get a .com – these are like real estate, are scarce and will only increase in value long term
* Be prepared to spend money for good names. If your business is named Mega Yachts then be prepared to spend several thousand dollars to get
* Do not buy domains for Page Rank. PR is virtually useless on transferred domain names if they are setup on a website with a different theme.


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  2. Super-Duper site about domain names, I am loving it Will come back again – taking your seo feeds also Thanks.

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